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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Think I Figured it Out

This post may have some profanities to erm, you were warned.

I am a very observant person.  I can sit silently in a room full of people and say nothing to anyone. It's not that I'm being rude or anti social, but that is the best way to see the way people really think. I work with a lot of young girls (well I'm twenty seven so yeah they are around my age and a bit youngeer).  But when it is quiet, they all yell their conversation across the room at each other. And sometimes it makes me sick. Anyways what I figure out is why most straight men are so fucked up.

So I was at work, hacking up a long, I just couldn't stop coughing. Between that I could hear pieces of this girl's conversation.

First girl: So which one of these guys is your boyfriend?
Second girl: Boyfriend? You're funny. Please I dont have time for that. If I want food, I call this one, if I want sex I call this one, I have a different one or my different needs.

It dawned on me then. Most guys are good.  They were raised by wonderful parents who loved and taught them well. Then they come across girls like these and everything go downhill from there. These girsl take them and use them, and twisted them in so many circles and drama that when the smoke clears, all they want to do is kill...all they want to do is go out there and hurt someone the way they've been hurt.

Is it now on us to teach our girls that being a slut doesn't pay off? I don't know but sometimes I truly think our children are going to hell

Remmy D

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  1. I'm a good girl Remmy . . . and if you want to come over here and test that theory I'm ALL for that baby! *smirks and leers*


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