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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hey all!

How is the winter treating you? As many of you know I live in Toronto and believe me when I say I will be HAPPY when this winter is over. I mean at least three days in a row it was -17 and with the windchill it dropped even further to about -34. That was a good day (ick). This morning we had blowing snow with a windchill that froze as soon as you stick your head out the door.

Before that we got dumped on it was just strange...but you know the bad thing? We've had worse! Isn't that great? One year we had so much snow that our mayor called the military to dig us out. This lady that lived down the street from me parked her smart car outside--you know those tiny ones? Well she parked it outside and couldn't find it until the city thawed out. I was lauging so hard I almost peed myself. I know, I know, it's evil but it was funny. Why would you park such a small car outside when you know a storm is coming?

Anyways, away from old man winter--Update on my SONS OF EROS series. I am finished with the first book, SAVARO'S HONEY CAKES and well, I probably should edit it at some point. I don't know where I'll be submitting it yet but we shall see. I am 1K into RAJAN'S WARRIOR so I am steaming along. I had to stop writing it though because I volunteered for a charity anthology. Can't tell you much about that yet because I haven't been given the green light to but my short story BROKEN will be in it! *dances*

Now, I am trying to figure out if I want to switch series and WORK on KING COBRAS book one. Not sure if that will work yet.  So I have the first story planned....here goes....Book one: First Son

The president's very spoil and very in the closet son goes on a vacation on the small island of Biru and vanishes. Rumor has it, Chad McMillan had gone to the island paradise for a rendenvous with a mysterious male stranger. To keep it under wraps, the presendent's security team brings in the King Cobras a group of elite soldiers now retired.

The moment Captain Luke Draven hears about the mission he hates it. He hates it because Biru isn't the easiest place to navigate--especially with all jungles there. But he allows himself to be talked into going. The moment he touches down and he meets Chad McMillan, he wants the man dead. But a mission is a msission and he is honour bound to get Chad home--that is if their sexual frustrations doesn't kill them first.
Chad McMillan is used to getting everything he wants--now all he wants is the sexy captain in camo. But Luke isn't into it and Chad tries hard to be a better man. But no matter what he does, he manages to get on Luke's nerves. What is he to do when his heart betrays him and everyone wants him dead?

KING COBRAS I want to be so cool *flails* I know I'm being a nerd about it but so excited. But I was told to finish the EROS series first. My friend says I have ADD because I keep bouncing from one project to another but who can help it? It's creating a brand new story!! lol.

As for other stories...let me see...CAGED is due out later this year and COUNTRY SOUL is coming next month. Tomorrow (Day before valentine's) MY BROKEN VALENTINE's go live! I am so excited about it because I've never written anything like that before.  "A confession, leads to a broken heart. But there are darker human emotions at work...ones that can break a man..." I know I am probably going to catch hell from certain people because it's not one of those sappy stories. I don't do sappy very well. But I would like a favor. Could you guys please please please review it in my guest book after reading it? I would really like to know what people think of it.

Anyways, I am at work *hehe*

Remmy D

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Now at Dreamspinner Press
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