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Monday, May 9, 2011

It's that time again...

Dude, so the other day I sat at home, throwing up everything I've ever eaten and it hit me *hits forehead* It's that time of year again! What time you ask? The time of year where I look at my works in progress list and frown then see what works I have to finish this year.  Now the list is long...I mean REALLY long so here's what I have to finish this year.

DARE - Byron Simpson wants to learn how to make websites. In order to do that, he has to take some classes at the local university. He doesn't really need the money, but it would keep him busy and away from the toxic relationships he always seem to find himself in.  When he walks in late and sees the ubersexy nerd who is supposed to be his prof, Byron wants more--but the straight-laced Christopher LePage doesn't want to play...that is until a very juevenile game of truth or dare...

Christopher LePage has had to fight for everything all his life. And he is not about to let because some sexy, ebony stud, shake his beautiful ass before his eyes and cause him to lose everything. But how is he supposed to resist Byron...He has to play by the rules of truth and dare...

Sons of Eros - Rajan - So the title on this one keeps changing but it's book two of the SON's of Eros series. I've had to do three rewrites on this one so far so I don't have a working blurb because it already feels like I have to change it again.

Sons of Eros - Laird's Seduction - The title on this one is changing as well and so will the blurb (sigh).

Those are the stories I have to finish this year. I am not sure about xmas stories but who knows.  I have a short coming soon from Empire Bookstore called "SHIVER" It's a paranormal short and I even created a being to go with it. I am hoping its a fun little read. 

Remmy D

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Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
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