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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Brothers are At it Again

In Rajan's Living room.

Laird: Guess what I heard the other day?

Jamal: You know I'm not good at this game. Just tell us already.

Laird: (looks over at Jamal before tossing a cushion at him) Stop mellowing my buzz man.

Savaro: *Groans* Oi, you been on the cheap stuff again?

Rajan: What did you hear?

Laird: *sighs* Kill joys...well, Remmy's birthday is coming up.

Jamal: *looks around shiftily* did anyone get him a present?

Savaro: Crap! We probably should.

Rajan: and he's in the middle of writing my story!

Laird: Lucky, he hasn't started mine yet!

Jamal: *shakes his head* Do you think he's that petty? I'm pretty sure he wouldn't just stop writing your stories because you didn't get him something for his birthday...

Laird: Speak for yourself! Your story is finished *folds arms* What would a writer want thought?

Savaro: *Lounges back* I don't know but you'd better figure it out soon. You have *glances at watch* zero more sleeps.

Rajan: *looks at Savaro with an arched brow* Really? Zero more sleeps?

Jamal: When you have kids, you start talking to everyone like you're talking to them.

Laird: *paces living room floor.* My story hasn't even been planned yet...so to speak...He's still confused of what job to give me and what kind of man I get.

Rajan: *does a pelvic thrust* I get me a sexy, chocolate, SWAT man....*stops to purr at Laird*

Laird: Ass! *smacks Rajan*

Rajan: *rubbing arm*

Savaro: Seriously guys--We're getting old you know...We all are. I mean remember that day I came back and told you guys we had a father? We were teenagers then.

Jamal: But sooner or later we all have to grow up in one way or another. But you're right *he kisses Savaro's head* We are long past those days...

Rajan: I know what you mean. The other day I was looking into the mirror, thought I saw a grey hair and my heart this this strange, painful flip. I don't know why we're so afraid of getting old.

Laird: I know why I'm afraid of getting old--I'm alone at thirty three. Getting old is so much more scarier when you're alone.

Jamal: *Blinks and look around* You're not alone. What are we? chopped liver?

Laird: Damn it Jamal! you know what I mean.


  1. WOO HOO!!!!

    1st - My Jamaican beefcake Remmykins is having a birthday! Doesn't that mean like a gazillion free gropes or something? hee hee

    2nd - Laird . . . don't be smacking my Raj baby . . . you soooooo don't want me crawling all up in Remmy's head to get your tight assets! *winks* or maybe you do . . . *blows kisses*

  2. *heads desk* I don't want her in ma head! She's all icky and stuff!


Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
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