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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Just Ventin'

Hey all!

I was on the bus this morning going to the EDJ and it occurred to me I haven't posted here in a long while. So, I've been a very very bad Remmy! lol. Anyways, here goes.

So lately, I've been chipping in and out of a kick ass case of the writer's block. While I did manage to finish and submit book two of the Sons of Eros series for Rajan Anatolis, I am half way through Sons of Eros 3 for Laird Anatolis and it just broke my heart to write the last part I did...so so far I've been gunshy to pick it up again. I mean, how can something else bad not happen?

Laird isn't talking to me right now because I made him make a really horrid decision regarding his lover Race and so, he's a little bit pissed at me.  Still, I only have a little ways to go on finishing it then I have to edit it. So I'm thinking I'll be done, before Nanowrimo starts....not that I'm doing it this year, but I want to take November to start King Cobras 1: First Son by then...Who knows? I may do King Cobras Book 1 in Nano....

I also would like to write a sweet romance at some point in the coming year--not sure how well that's going to turn out but we shall see right?

So how has things been for everyone? Any news I should know? Anything you want to share?

Remmy D


  1. Baby, you could never be a bad Remmy and you already know that those who are your real friends love you regardless!!!


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Now at Dreamspinner Press
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