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Monday, January 2, 2012

Brock Lesnar Retiring....

I don't know man, I am up for a good laugh just like the next guy but this is beyond insanity. So when the president of the UFC announced that Brock Lesnar was joining the organization, I remembered blinking at the screen thinking "This has GOT to be a joke."  I mean, WHAT? Just because you're top shit in the WWE doesn't mean you can cut it in the UFC. But nope, joke was on me because it actually happened. Former WWE wrestling superstar Brock Lesnar joined the UFC. And.....Key the flying pigs!

When I saw him I couldn't help but think--"This hulk, this giant ass man is going to kill someone!" He was MASSIVE! His hands were so big they had to custom make his UFC regulated gloves. I mean really? 

Then to add to the whole BS (which I still think was a major practical joke like B4-4 [Canadians will get this joke]) They made him have his UFC Debut on the main card at UFC 81: Pointe Break against Frank Mir. HUH? Did they lose their minds? Who's bright idea was that? I mean its Frank Frigging Mir!! Needless to say, Lesnar dropped that fight--ugh I said dropped like he had a whole hell of a lot of choice. Frank is a pretty small heavy weight compared to this man but Frank has more experience and Frank is good.  Then somewhere, the fates wanted to have a good laugh and Lesnar became the UFC Heavy weight champion of the world--whoa...back it up a second...WHAT??? How in the world did that happen? Brock has no striking skills what-so-ever, he's just brute force and I guess that's all he needed.

The next thing why Brock Lesnar was bad for the UFC is he had a big mouth.  He says the dumbest shit whenever the cameras or on him--things that made me wonder why Dana White kept the jerk around in the first damn place--then I headed a desk, of course! It's all about the Bejamins. That had to be why--and the fact he had a contract but there has to be something in said contract that said you had to represent the UFC in a positive light. I mean my publishing houses may be "small" but a good number of them, in their contracts state you have to carry their business in a positive light. 

Now lets fast forward to 2011 to UFC 141. Brock Lesnar against Alistair Overeem (who may not be as popular as Lesnar but is very good). The days leading up to the fight was astounding. Lesnar blew off post game interviews and still fought which I think is hypocritical because Nick Diaz did that and lost his chance to fight-- (we all know about Nick's little bout with insanity lately when he blew off a bunch of stuff before a fight with St-Pierre and disappeared) at least that was the Major reason UFC President Dana white put out there for Diaz missed fight. The commercials had Brock Lesnar flexing and saying how great he was and how he was going to teach Overeem a lession.  I watched the fight and sat there thinking--oh Brock Lesnar...once again you've counted your eggs before they hatched.  He lost--and did it miserably. At the end he blind-sided the UFC president Dana White by announcing he was done. Talk about a sour loser. You could see the look on Dana's face that he was physically ill after the announcement. I guess Brock Lesnar didn't hear the saying "don't bite the hands that feeds you."

Either way he's gone--or he could be pulling a Brett Favre.


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