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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

AHHH~~ Laird's Choice has a face!!!

Someone asked me the other day why I keep sending my stuff to Silver Publishing and if Silver is my main house...this is one of the reasons why. They give me such breath-taking covers and they take such good care of my babies...

Reese Dante is amazing! Look at this cover! She got the tats right, the necklace right, the nipples...And check out the hottie Laird Anatolis in the background!!!

*flails*  March 10th this one is dropping at Silver Publishing so--put a cold drink in the freezer like...right...*looks at watch and waits for the hands to line up* now!!!

If you like the covers Reese makes for me, then dont forget to let her know by telling her! She's on facebook!


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Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
"This story is about two grown ass gay men that each have a little doubt for one reason or another if their relationship will work. The story is conveyed well and kept completely on the adult playing field, I loved it! When these two get going in the bedroom it is passionate and sensual."--TSM