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Sunday, March 18, 2012

I got me a Rebel! - Suzzana Ryan

First off hi Remmy and thank you for inviting me over today!

Hello, my name is Suzzana C Ryan and I’m new on the erotic romance writers’ circuit. I may be new to writing erotic romance with a paranormal flare, but not new to reading it. I am thrilled that the genre is growing and more and more writers of romance are becoming far more graphic in writing their love scenes.  So many readers have told me that they read the cover blurb and then search through the pages for adult language! I have to laugh, that has always been something I‘ve done. Lord I’m not alone.  

I wouldn’t tell my lover to put his hard member in me. Oh, hell, just fuck me already. And when I’m going to suck his cock, I’m not going to “put his stiff rod of pleasure in my mouth”. Did you notice in some romance novels the scene always changes when they fall into bed? I’m not saying that these milder sex scenes don’t work; they just don’t work for me.

One good friend of mine and partner in crime has an eBook reader and downloads seven or eight erotic short stories and novellas a week. And the number of readers who do is growing in leaps and bounds. The f/f erotic romance genre is growing and we know that the m/m erotic romance genre is huge. And the erotic paranormal romance genre is growing strong; it’s a genre that leaves open infinite possibilities for a writer.

I have always been a reader, my favorite authors, Stephen King, James Patterson, Beatrice Small, Rosemary Rogers, Robin Cook, Dan Brown and that’s just a few. I’ve read The Bridges of Madison County,  Forever Amber, Gone with the Wind, A Christmas Carol, Les Mis, The Pearl, For whom the Bell Tolls, and the Rise and fall of the Third Reich. That my friends is just a drop in the bucket.  Writers are true readers it’s a passion and necessity.

I find that I am evolving as a writer, which each edit, I learn more about my craft. I read and listen to more stories now than ever before, I love to compare authors and their styles. I still don’t think I have a “writing style”. That is something that I am striving for. 

So there you have it, I write because I must, I write erotic romance because it titillates me and that’s what I want to do to my readers. But I love a good villain, an interesting plot and hot, hot sex.  So shoot me, but first try reading one of stories, and enjoy.

Read: My Body My Soul                               Rebel Ink Press                 Available
Lori had had enough of Tony’s cheating. The last straw was finding him burying his big, hard cock in her best friend in the middle of Lori's living room. Tony had broken her heart for the last time and of all things, he'd done it on a day when lovers should be celebrating, Valentine’s Day.

As always, Tony tries to justify his behavior, promising Lori a night of passion. Lori throws him out anyway, unknowing that what awaited Tony that night was a date with hell.  Tony is brutally murdered and Lori is the only suspect.  But then his body disappears from the morgue and a very alive Tony shows up at Lori’s apartment accompanied by a mysterious and very beautiful woman. Tony makes love to Lori, the likes of which she's never experienced with him  before. And he vows his undying love and tells Lori he'll never hurt her again.  Then he explains that he has to leave her.

Can love survive death? Can a dead man keep a promise to return and love a woman for all eternity? Can a woman give her body and soul to a man and wait twenty years for him to return to her? Perhaps..

Read: A Vampire for her Birthday             Rebel Ink Press                 Available
Beautiful fairy Tawny Mac Namara is turning thirty. Her werewolf boyfriend has walked out on her leaving her alone and despondent and ready to swallow enough pain killers to put down an elephant. It seems to be the story of the beautiful fairy’s life--one ill fainted romance after another.

Elliot is a gorgeous and quite promiscuous vampire who belongs to an elite species that battle evil. And Elliot has a special talent as well, he's a master at giving his prey multiple orgasms. Somehow Tawny’s despondent email shows up in Elliot‘s inbox and Elliot knows he must go to her and stop her from her foolishness. He's pleased when he sees the beautiful young woman and finds out Tawny is a fairy. No vampire can resist the love of such a woman. And Tawny finds that even though Elliot sees her flaw, he's still willing to fall in love with her.

Read: For the Love of Jake                  Rebel Ink Press                 Coming soon
 Have you ever wondered where all the nice guys are? Jake is a nice guy, a good father and a faithful husband. But nasty divorce proceedings have left Jake bitter.  Does it really pay to be a nice guy?  On the very day his wife cuts him loose, Jake meets a woman, one who'll change his life forever. For once, it seems the nice guy has a chance to finish on top.

For Laverne, life has taken a nasty turn. But meeting Jake could make a difference. Maybe love hasn't passed her by. Regardless of the obstacles they face, love happens and sometimes you find it in the least likely of places.

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Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
"This story is about two grown ass gay men that each have a little doubt for one reason or another if their relationship will work. The story is conveyed well and kept completely on the adult playing field, I loved it! When these two get going in the bedroom it is passionate and sensual."--TSM