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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Burning out?

First thing's first. I just saw the mock cover for THE SECOND TIME AROUND coming to Rebel Ink Press soon and I couldn't help flailing and giggling like a goof! It's soooooooooo *breathes*ooooooooo sexy!

It's strange. I just got back from a vacation and already I'm feeling like the world is once more sitting on my shoulders.  Maybe it's culture shock, coming back from two weeks in a foreign country.

But this is something I'm used to...right? I am currently being good and only working on two short stories at the moment, plus one co-authored piece so that's not nearly as bad as when I was working on about six at the same time. Right now I'm working on MONTSERRAT--this one is a story about a volcanologist and an ex-military turned guide for trips into dangerous zones guy, MAULED -- about a bear, a shy businessman/teacher and a sex club (yeah yeah I was supposed to finish that one before my vacation but with exams and stuff...that didn't get done) as well as a Christmas co-authored piece that has no name yet.  Do you guys have any idea how hard it is, not to freak out and start like eight other stories? They are all purgulating in the noggin'. 

I'm also researching a story called NOMAD about a still in service Marine (or seal). I have to research Russia and a few other countries to make this novel work but who knows how it will come out.  And I've agreed to be in two anthologies coming next year...holy jeese I always told myself I'd never do another deadline piece but they were so tantilizing! There's a valentine's day one and a MILITARY one...come on! How could I resist those--well the Valentine's Day one I could resist no problem but MILITARY?? No way I'm walking away from that...

Now that I think about it, I should make the rest of the stories I write for this year be military...*gasp* or cops....or firemen....or men in business suits...or...*head explodes*

But Seriously, right around now I'm feeling a little burnt out. It's so hard to get back into the swing of realty once you've been on vacation. Maybe this is the fates' way of telling me I need to take more of these breaks or its the fates' way of telling me I shouldn't take them...ever...lol. Anyways, whatever it is, it's summer, my birthday is quickly approaching and I want this ick feeling gone. So, I'm going to take the day today after work, going to the mall, getting myself some ice-cream, play some video games and then go home. That should take care of this ick feeling, right? TIME CRISIS 4 HERE I COME!!!

Remmy D

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Now at Dreamspinner Press
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