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Sunday, November 11, 2012

That time of the Year again....

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Wow...Can you believe it? It's almost the end of another year and somehow I didn't do half the things I wanted to do this year. But it could have been worse, right?

Anyways we all know where this blog is going. As of, well, last week I am no longer taking on new projects or starting anything new for the rest of the year. I have quite a few things coming in 2014 that I am very excited about. I have a story coming in Sara York's Valentine's Day anthology and print books coming for my Sons of Eros series.  My rework of my section of the ORCHID MURDERS now titled LOVE LIES BLEEDING has been re-written and edited and submitted and I am looking forward to hearing how that is going to pan out.

My writing list only has one series idea on it to write for next year that I am still ironing out to see if its actually plausible to write. I'm also going to try and finish up SHAMELESS. I know--I've been writing that for a while. I also have a military story I agreed to do for an anthology that I am going to start the moment I begin writing again for the new year. 

Anyways, it is way past my bed time and in the next few weeks its going to be crazy around me. So have a good one.

Remmy Duchene

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Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
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