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Sunday, February 24, 2013

That Ack Feeling

n December of every year, I take time off writing.  Why? Because  normally that's my crazy time of the year. It's the time of the year where my Christmas job calls, sweet talk me into giving them Monday to Friday while I work my regular job and lately go to school along with a social life and all that good stuff. So, to keep myself from going absolutely bonkers, I put down the writing and step away for a while.  At the end of last year I did that as usual and I find now it's hard for me to get back.
Luckily, I'd finished gutting and rewriting Love Lies Bleeding and only had my edits to go through before it had to be submitted. So that was out of the way and I only had to focus on Shameless, Arms of a Stranger, Grasping at Straws and lately I've been rethinking my TRU series as well as a paranormal novel with a Sheikh.  Oh and I'm working on a novel wiht Allisson Cassatta which is just steam rolling right alone wonderfully....Go figure!  But I was always better with working with others than I was on my own--years of Star Trek and small town Romance Role Playing Games conditioned me to be able to work with other people without getting stuck or bored. The problem isn't coming up with story ideas--as you can see I have tons of ideas working. I took three weeks off facebook, deactivating everything and just stepped away. I don't feel the same push and rush I once had writing M/M because of all the little craps I keep experiencing in the genre.

When I finally reactivated my facebook, I just felt a strange feeling and writing just wasn't that much joy. I have the urge to write (I think I will ALWAYS have the urge to write), my issue is everything I write doesn't seem all that fun or interesting to me. I think I am officially going through writer's block and I really really REALLY hate it.  To make matters worst, I keep focussing on the reason for my block which isn't making it any better I think.

I think I have a solution!


Okay, so the solution is, while I want to finish all these stories at the same time because I think I'm some kind of superwoman or something, at the moment I can't. So...I'm going to take Grasping at Straws and I'm going to work on it alone...*gasp* I can hear Jade, Havan and Lady E gasping because I always work on two, three stories at a time. So right now my Muse is tired, still, after like a three month rest so I'm going to let him er her er it er rest some by only working on Grasping at Straws (which the title may change for--not sure yet).

But wait! There's MORE!

I am going to not focus on the petty crap within this genre. I mean, I started writing MM to give my friends and loved ones who are in the LGBT community something they can read and smile about and the other little stuff wasn't even a consideration. That was why my writing always came so easily. I focussed on the love and inclusivity I wanted to see within the world when it came to LGBT issues/community. I am happily going to head back there and hopefully the block will be gone.


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Now at Dreamspinner Press
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