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Thursday, May 2, 2013


You guys know how I love showcasing LGBT artists on here. It takes a lot of digging to actually find
them. But tonight I was feeling down and I figured I'd scroll through my friend's feed on facebook. One of my 'friends' on there had this post of this girl with "Siya" and "D.Y.K.E" and I remember the first thing I thought was "oh hell to the no! That is so not appropriate!" Until I googled it.

D.Y.K.E in this case means "Damn You're Killing Em" - trust me when I say this girl is DOPE! This song is so amazing I've listened to it about four times since I found it on Facebook...

So for today and probably the rest of the week, my jam is going to be "D.Y.K.E" by Siya featuring Tank. Oh yeah you heard me, I said TANK. The beat for this song is just old school and just...damn I can't explain it. Click below to watch the video. Let me know what you think.

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