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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hot in Fall Blog Hop - Welcome!

Let the game begin again! Welcome to the Hot in Fall Blog Hop! I put this together because lets face it - the kids started school in September and I'm sure with helping with homework, picking them up from school, driving them everywhere, you probably don't have time to just sit back, relax and do something just for you. So here's your chance to just take a few minutes for yourself and think of no one but you. So here's what you do, lock yourself in the bathroom with a radio, turn it to your favorite station and crank it!  Before you do that though, put a sign on the door that says "For the next ten minutes, I will not be cooking, cleaning, super-heroing, driving, speaking, boo-boo kissing, body-guarding or any other ings that doesn't including me. Yes, that means this is me time so go away."  Let me know when you've done that I can wait. In the mean time, here's a sexy for others to stare at while we wait.

All done?  Good.

For the next few minutes this is all about you. So how will I make it hot for you? Well, we're going to go to my second love...well my third..wait..writing, acting, photography, music, dancing...arg, *stops to count on finger* I give up. It's one of my loves and that is music. We're going to keep it sexy, hot and fun. Ready? Wait, pay attention, there will be a test!

Ready? Good because here goes. We're going to start out with a Quincy Jones production, a remix of Barry White's Secret Garden. This song have every body, Usher, Tevin Campbell, Robin Thicke, Tyrese, LL Cool J AND the  man, the legend BARRY WHITE!

Secondly, we're going to fall in love with one of the first (he could be the first but I'm not sure) openly gay country singers. The lovely, talented and did I mention sexy? Steve Grand with his song STAY.

To South Korea we go (oh come now. I write interracial erotic romance. You knew there'd be some culture in here). His name is Rain (bi) and I adore him and this song has some hip movements in this video that - well, here's Rain with LOVE SONG

Robin Thicke didn't just wake up one morning and decide "think I'm gonna sing some sexy shiz today" oh no. The first time I learned about Robin was on BET of all places and this song just got me. It's called GET YOU ALONE. Yes ladies, it is Robin Thicke before he started wearing suits and cut his hair.

Now I don't want to bombard you with sexies so I'm going to stop there. you remember me saying above there would be a test? Yes? Well, here's your test.

In one of these video there is a line of lyric that says "Well you can keep your toys in the drawer tonight." Email me with the song TITLE and ARTIST at remmy.duchene AT gmail.com with HOT FOR FALL in the subject heading. I will then pick one person to win a copy of THIS IS LOVE written by myself and the talented and beautiful Allison Cassatta! Do not put the answer in the comment section. 

AND if you comment here I will pick one person to win a free copy of LOVE LIES BLEEDING!

Here are the covers

Have fun all! And welcome to fall! Oh, and please continue on the hop! There are prizes to be won!

Remmy Duchene

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Now at Dreamspinner Press
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