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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Casey Moss and C.O.V.E.N

Available now at Evernight Publishing ~ Open World – C.O.V.E.N. by Casey Moss

The world of C.O.V.E.N. (Clans of Vegas – Endless Night) first appeared in Evernight Publishing’s anthology Keyboards & Kink (available here: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/keyboards-and-kink/ & at other fine e-tailers) in Casey’s story, AFK.

In AFK, we saw a peek into I-D-8 Entertainment’s in-production MMORPG: Clans of Vegas – Endless Night, also known as C.O.V.E.N. when Beth and another gamer got sucked into the game for real.
Now, when it comes to Open World, it’s actually made up of parts from two novellas that had been previously published. Those stories were my very first published ones released in 2008 under my alter ego’s name. A few years ago, I received the rights back on them, and they sat in a file until this year. There’s been some major work done to revamp them from a sci-fi’ish plot to the computer gaming one present in the book today. I am so excited these stories, and more to come in the C.O.V.E.N. world, have found new life and a great new home with Evernight Publishing.

In the story, Open World, some of the employees of I-D-8 have joined together for a LAN party to test the game. For definitions on the computer gaming term: open world, check out http://www.techopedia.com/definition/3952/sandbox-gaming).

Here’s a look into the story…

~ Blurb ~
The world has broken out in wars. Las Vegas has been ravaged by chemical warfare and is now home to several clans and creatures.

Welcome to I-D-8 Entertainment’s newest game: Clans of Vegas—Endless Night.
Friends and family have gathered for a crunch time playtest of C.O.V.E.N.. When a horrible thunderstorm hits, everyone’s sucked into the game for real. In the MMORPG, Hope Collins is kidnapped by Buzz and forced to submit to his whims. Her boyfriend, Alden, has to delay his quest of defeating a clan’s prince to save her, but time and circumstance don’t seem to be on his side. Faith Collins is bombarded by strange dreams brought on by Buzz. Her boyfriend, Tavis, learns to dream walk, but can he help break the spell she’s under and save her before she’s lost to him?

C.O.V.E.N. is more than just a game. It’s a whole other world.

~ Excerpt ~
A wave of dizziness hit Hope out of the blue. Her chest grew tight, immobile, as if all the air had been sucked out of her. She shook her head and breathed deep in an attempt to right herself.
Hot, electrified tingling zipped along her fingers and toes and up through her limbs. She looked down at her hands. They were hers but not hers, or at least they felt that way. The outfit she’d put on for the party had disappeared and been replaced with tight black pants and a matching, tucked in t-shirt. Plain black boots covered her feet.

What the hell? Where’s my blouse? My pumps? Those items cost me over four hundred combined!
Nearby a snarl rolled through an overcast, deep gray day that seemed to be darkening as the seconds ticked by.
A growl? A cloudy sky? What is going on? She crossed her shaking arms over her stomach.
Another menacing sound echoed around her.
Every part of Hope froze save for her searching gaze. She found herself in a narrow alley created by two destroyed buildings. The rubble consisted of fractured and crushed cinder blocks, partial stucco walls, broken slabs of sheet rock and miscellaneous debris. Across the way a piece of metal glinted from the last bit of ambient light that still existed. The shape of a dome slowly came into view.
I’m down near The Circus?
The sound of scratching reverberated in the opposite end of the passage. A gust of wind funneling through the narrow passage brought the stench of rotting meat to her nose.
The shaking of her muscles grew worse as her mind processed the environment and her thoughts.

~ Bio ~
Casey Moss delves into the darker aspects of life in her writing, sometimes basing the stories on reality, sometimes on myth. No matter the path, her stories will take you on a journey from the light-hearted paranormal to dark things unspeakable. What waits around the corner? Come explore…

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Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
"This story is about two grown ass gay men that each have a little doubt for one reason or another if their relationship will work. The story is conveyed well and kept completely on the adult playing field, I loved it! When these two get going in the bedroom it is passionate and sensual."--TSM