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Thursday, November 10, 2016

You write MM but support Trump - WHAT?

***just a heads up - I will try to be diplomatic but I am writing this post right now very angry and there may be some swearing. So if you are easily offended, leave now***

Still here? Okay cool. Let's do this.

So a couple of years ago or a little bit more ago, many of you read a post I wrote about Mary Gresham on here. Mary and I met through my writing when she added me to facebook to talk to me about one of my books. Over the years, her and I develop a pretty awesome friendship. But that friendship almost came to an end. I was angry because her and one of her facebook friends were coming for me and my friends and I had to put my foot down.

Between then and now Mary and I aren't anywhere near the kind of friends we were before but slowly but surely I am moving toward that. Hopefully one day we will get there again. But I need to write a post in support of Mary against a fell MM author who is out of control.

This presidential election has brought out the worse in Americans. And I'm talking about THE WORSE and it is with this that we are beginning to see the people who follow us and who are our 'friends' on facebook for what they truly are. Now, usually I don't call names because I hate to be seen as supporting bad behavior but this time I cannot avoid it. I need you to know the kind of person you are supporting.

Elizabeth Llewellyn or E. Llewellyn is a fellow MM author. She writes about men falling in love with each other. Yet she is a VERY big supporter of Donald Trump. Now let me be VERY clear.  At this point I don't care who you voted for as long as you voted. The elections are over and now America must sleep in the bed they made. My brother and thousands of military men and women fight around the clock to ensure you have that right. The fact that one person had to win is not lost on me. What I do take offence to is this: Donald Trump and his VP are against the LGBT community. His VP has been a proud supporter of shocking gay people straight--as in electroshock therapy. These are two men who, I am quite sure will now wage a war against the LGBT community that will set us back YEARS.

Lets forget for a second that you're a woman (I'm assuming) and you do have a pussy to grab and Trump has admitted to grabbing his fair share without permission. Why are we overlooking that in this post? The majority of Americans seem to believe in a rape culture and are against a woman's right to her own body. I mean, this man basically confessed to being a sexual predator and all you fools are obsessed with is what happened with Hilary's email - keep in mind the FBI cleared her not once but TWICE.

But they always told me to fight my battles one war at a time so the war today is using the LGBT world as a piggybank and nothing more--sounds like something Trump would do eh? Wants to build a wall blocking out Mexicans but his suits are made in Mexico?

Let's focus on the fact that this woman makes her living off the same community that Trump and his VP wishes to eradicate.

Now, I am not LGBT but people that I love and that I have become very close to over the years are and I support them and the positive life they want for themselves and their children. Now, we are worried all this will be taken away. For a woman who claims to support LGBT and their rights, for a woman who makes a living off the LGBT, Ms. Llewellyn is rather callous in her support of a power that goes against everything she writes about.

She went on a long rant on her page about how Mary attacked her and from what I read of what Mary posted, there was no attack. This indicative of the Trump supporter mentality where if you disagree with them, there has to be a fight and they're the offended party.

Pardon my French but FUCK THAT. Fuck ALL of that with both middle fingers WAY, WAY, WAAAAAY up!

I am through being silent with those who pretend to support the LGBT when it comes to making some money and everything else can go to hell. Do they not understand the hell the LGBT community has gone through over the last decade ALONE, this is not counting back to the early nineties or before. Shit, in the last five years alone, there seem to have been a war on the LGBT community that is  being pushed by people who should know better!

How quickly we forget PULSE.

I've seen it. I've watched people I love sit at home and sob because they couldn't marry the person they love. I've seen people literally, terrified as fuck because they are afraid if they told me they were gay I would not love them anymore. I've read where children are dying because they are LGBT and they are terrified the world will disown them. I've seen people DIE because of hatred and shame that was completely unnecessary.

No, Mary isn't the one messing with your livelihood, Ms. Llewellyn. You are doing that all by yourself. You are going to have to decide if you wish to keep writing MM or support two men who would rather see the world burn first than put away their hate.  You cannot have both.

I believe in the LGBT. I believe that love is love, that we are all on this planet together and must learn to disagree but still love each other. I believe that two men in love is no different than a man and a woman in love because in a world full of so much hate and turmoil, why can you not see that love is the only light we have left?

This is now WAY beyond money. This is about practicing what you preach. You CANNOT write about two men in love when you don't believe in it and DON'T piss on my head and tell me it's raining, that you believe in two men in love because your beliefs and your facebook comments of late proves otherwise.

The straight up truth is no you cannot write MM because it sells. That alone is not good enough. You cannot say one thing then turn around and throw your support behind people who are like Nero and just want to see the world burn. It is about time, we, as MM authors stand up for those we write about. It is about time we put our foot down and stop turning a blind eye to bullshit like this.

The great Dr. King said we are to judge people not by the colour of their skin (and I do believe if he was alive today he'd add or who they sleep with) but by the content of their character. That is what I am doing with you, Ms. Llewellyn. I am judging you by the content of your character, and lady--DAMN.

I know a few of you won't agree with me. And that's okay. But this is my blog and I can say whatever I want on it.

Have a great day people. Spread a little love today because lord knows, the world needs it.  Oh and Mary, keep standing up. We need more people like you. I know when we were trying to get rid of segregation there were tons of white folks who stand up and marched with the King to make this happen. So us straight folks need to put our fist in the air and say no more. It takes one person, you know?

Hugs and love always.

Your Girl,
Remmy D


  1. Mmm hmm. They don't give a damn about the LGBT community as far as their actual lives are concerned. all they care about is pretending to be an ally in order to profit off of them. Like you, I have long since come to that conclusion and have voiced as much. The thing about them supporting Trump is they didn't give a damn that the LGBT community would've been caught up in that wave of hatred that he created. All they saw was him getting rid of everyone who was non-white. They threw the LGBT community under the bus in favor of a candidate who promised them a utopia for whiteness. And now that they're being called out on their shit they're trying to backpedal because they see that choice may cause a potentially huge hit to their revenue. I agree this election has bought out the uglieness in folks but it also revealed and shined a spotlight on it.


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