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Friday, January 14, 2011

COUNTRY SOUL--wooh babeh!--oh right...and other stuffage....yeah...

Ok, so I checked my email and look what was in it!!! The new face for COUNTRY SOUL, coming March 5, 2011!! I spent most of my day yesterday silently flailing and muffling squeals of joy and the moment I got the OK I posted it on my facebook and website *grins*

Reese Dante, the genius--created this cover and it's precisely what I wanted it to look like. It's like she was reading my mind!

A few people have been asking me why this isn't interracial. Well, it is interracial, Jackson (the country singer) is Caucasian and Marques, (the producer) is Hispanic. So just because their skin colours look the same, doesn't mean they are. So with that out of the way, here's the blurb (as it stands before Silver Publishing edits or changes it)

Jackson Rawlings loves music; in fact, making music has been something he's always wanted to do. After his confession to homosexuality, his record label forced him out and after his latest world tour, he decided to give it all up. It breaks his heart to think of never doing music again but he just feels so broken.

Marques Lopez is a music exec who knows a good thing and a good man when he hears and sees them; and boy is Jackson Rawlings a good thing. But how is he supposed to put Jackson together again when he's been broken so many times?

So that's the blurb. I can't give you guys a peek in because my publisher hasn't picked an excerpt yet--or rather I don't remember picking an excerpt for it yet. So I have to wait. But here's hoping it's all sexy and romantic for you guys.

Ok, moving on. I am 12K into SAVARO'S HONEY BUNS for my SONS OF EROS series. It's coming great but the thing is I have this pesky little thing call a Day Job and I can't finish writing my love scene at work. I have nosey people here lol. So, instead, I'm going to write it later on tonight--if I can keep my eyes open since I don't get another day off until next week Tuesday ugh...anyways that's where that is.



Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
"This story is about two grown ass gay men that each have a little doubt for one reason or another if their relationship will work. The story is conveyed well and kept completely on the adult playing field, I loved it! When these two get going in the bedroom it is passionate and sensual."--TSM