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Friday, March 4, 2011

Rajan--Blowing off Steam

Laird (dressed in a business suit walks into the posh living room of Rajan's house while tugging at his tie):I'm here before Savaro and Jamal? Where are they?

Rajan: That a rhetorical question?

Laird: How do they find time to fool around with a kid in the house?

Rajan: It's called a quickie in the morning, on the counter during the day and at nights they get me to baby-sit.

Laird (flops into chair and toss his tie across the room): Well, if you can get it...I guess.

Rajan: Hey! Were you raised by a bear?

Laird (shrugs)

Savaro and Jamal walks into room.

Laird: Don't you guys know you'll go blind if you keep doing it so much?

Jamal: Don't hate the player man, hate the game!

Savaro: I believe that only works with masturbation.

Jamal (chuckles): You guys are in a mood aren't you?

Rajan: I'm still waiting for my story. Remmy-kins here is taking his own sweet time. I mean am stuck at chapter two!  (bats Jamal's hand away from the pile of cookies on the centre table but Jamal still swipes one). And to make matters worse! He keeps eyeing the sexy marines from King Cobras!

Laird: Oh boy! Not good. Who wants a beer!

Jamal: Whoa! Did you just called him Remmy-kins?

Remmy: Remmy-kins? (heads desk) Oh for fuck's sakes not you too!

Rajan: Beer? Am freaking out here!

Savaro: You're just being a drama-king. I'm sure he will get to it.

Remmy (waves hand): I'll take a beer!

Jamal: Savaro is right, Raj. Just don't freak out and drive the poor guy nuts. He has enough on his plate as is.  Anyways, (kisses Savaro, fist bumps Laird and hugs Rajan) I have to go pick up the boy.

Rajan (mutters under breath): Says the man who gets laid like it's going out of fashion.

Jamal: Jerk (smirks and exits room).

Rajan: The jerk store called! They're running out of you!  (sits back looking all smug).

Laird and Savaro arches their brows at him.

Rajan: What? It worked for George Costanza.

Savaro (laughs): No it didn't. But don't worry Raj. I've seen the man Remmy has for you and he's smokin'

Rajan: What??? Where?? How'd you see him before I did?

Savaro: It's call payback baby! (does pelvic thrust) Boo-yaw! You two knew who Jamal was before I did.

Laird (getting up): Not my fault your basket ball-ie-challenged. Seriously, does anyone wants a beer?

Rajan: I'll take one.

Savaro: Me too.

Laird leaves room while pushing his jacket off.

Rajan: So, I'm surprised you can walk straight. Jamal isn't exactly a small boy.

Savaro (smirks): In more ways than one!

Rajan: Oh for crying out loud...

Remmy: I have to say, Raj, you did walk into that one.  But seriously, don't worry about it. I'm working as hard as I can on everything all at once. I'll take time to work on your story before my little get away.

Rajan: Whoa! Wait a minute--get away? Again? Didn't you just go away?

Savaro: I'd go away too if I could! But with upcoming parent teacher nights, Anatolis and Dad talking about dating again--am pretty much stuck here with y'all and your dramas.

Remmy: Oi vey!

Laird (walks into room and hands out beers): POINT!

Remmy: You can't point me! This is my blog!

Laird: Sure I can!

Remmy: You boys make my head hurt!

Rajan (rushes to sit beside Remmy): You know what they say is good for that, don't you?

Remmy (Groans): Fine, I'll make you get laid...just stop playing a bongo in my head.

Rajan (smirks): awww-right!  (dances around the room).

Savaro (rubs temples): Now I'm starting to get a headache. Ok, listen. If you guys are finished, I would like to take you out to dinner. Jamal and Leroy will meet us there. And I'm going to try getting Dad over there.

Laird: Leave dad alone tonight. He said something about an Annette he met at the dinner two weeks ago. So chances are he'll be gettin' his groove on!

Remmy (Bangs head on desk over and over muttering...): TMI! TMI! TIM!

Rajan: Remmy's in denial!

Remmy: You take that back!

Laird: Would you two knock it off?  We both know this will only end in Rajan's tears.

Rajan: De-nial! De-Nial!

Remmy: Ok, time to tune out and start working on King Cobras!

Rajan: NO! I take it back!

Remmy: HA! Works every time!

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