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Friday, July 20, 2012

An Open Letter to Matthew Darringer

Attention Matthew Darringer:

I would have posted this on your blog in the comment section but it may be deleted and I really DON'T want this to get lost and to be truthful its going to be a tad on the long side. 

I don't normally pay attention to these things, but when my name comes up I have to take a keen interest in it.  This bashing about who's this and who's that, I don't really care but honestly, this is getting WAY out of hand and it has to stop. 

First of all, aside from the fact you were on my FB list and then went poof, I have no idea who you are and to be quite frank at this juncture in this crazy little spat, I don't care. 

Secondly, to say I've been "OUTTED" as woman is BS because I never hid that fact from anyone. And those who were "confused" as to that fact asked and were told the truth. 

If you were as you said "blacklisted" that is news to be because you and I have never had any conversations about anything much-less re any of this little BS train people seem to be on to ruin other authors and other people.  So for you to go out there calling my name like we were friends and I stabbed you in the back, well, our friendship is news to me too because we were never friends.

I am my own person. So do not, even think, of lumping me in with anyone else.  

As for me sleeping with Havan Fellows, well now, that is a delicious little thought. While I do believe sleeping with Havan Fellows would totally rock my world and I don't have to explain anything to you but I will. Havan has been a friend of mine for about three years now. She's had my back during personal situations in my life and in my writing. She's protected me, stood up for me and loved me even sometimes when I don't even like myself. I put her as in a relationship with on my FB its hilarious! And everyone else, with a sense of humor, saw the funny in it, laugh and life went on.  If that is where your sick little mind went right off the bat then think what you want. Our forefathers fought for the right for you to have your own opinions and while I do not agree with them I would fight for you to have them. 

Matthew I really don't have anything against you. Because how can I dislike someone I don't know? And I'm going to take this little rant of yours to mean you are upset by all this drama and you lashed out. But let's make one thing perfectly clear, please do not mention me in any of your little tirades again--I have nothing, nor have I ever had anything to do with you and I don't want to. 

Your name has come across me recently because of things you supposedly said about others; hurtful things so as my father says all the time YOU chose to lie with dogs then rise and deal with the fleas.

You caused this situation by associating with people you KNOW have a tendency to rub people the wrong way not because they speak their minds but because they go out of their way to hurt and destroy others. You chose to participate in petty little gossip sessions on your little groups. So now that people are fighting back, don't go around acting like you're the victim.  Now that Karma is kicking all your asses, you're pretending as if you're the hurt party. 

I am being polite and I am coming to you upfront and considerate. This is the only time I'll be doing that. This is the only time I will give your feelings any consideration in this matter. The next time it will be dealt with accordingly. I am sick and tired of people like you going around pulling me into these stupid like crisis that you bring on yourselves.  

Have a lovely day,

Remmy Duchene


Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
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