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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A recalculation

Its strange.

The whole reason I began writing MM romance was to write MM romance. Lately, it seems my work has taken on a more erotic--kind of BDSM turn and I'm not entirely sure I like where it is going. I mean think about it, romance and erotica are two different things. Romance is sweet and steamy erotica most times is just that...erotica. I like a good swing from the ceiling-screaming yee-haw-hair pulling-scream fest just like the next guy but when I started out, it was to write love-love not just love.

I was on twitter today and since I'm following Lance Bass (Former NSync member). I noticed his profile picture had changed so I clicked on it.

Lance Bass and love
 I mean look at that?? How beautiful is that?? I know the multiple question marks is not editor friendly but gimme a break! It just calls for it. This picture gave me so many ideas, so many great ideas that I feel as if I'm about to explode!

And the weird part is--none of them are remotely erotic. They are all sweet, tears in your eyes, amazing ideas that I want so desperately to write and bring justice to. But once again, like before I wrote REDEMPTION I feel as if I'll completely fail and then what?? I have some stories still on my computer to finish and find homes for - quite moe than some...more than a few...possible more than ten, but these new ideas are screaming so loudly my brain is threatening to jump out of my head if I don't DO something!  What do I do? The beginning of this year was horrid for me writing wise becaue none of my oodles of characters would speak to me. Now they won't shut up because of this picture. Well, I guess my recalculation is to head back into romance--maybe not sweet romance but something still to burn your eye brows yet with a lot more heart.

What do you think?

Remmy D

and PS: Before I forget. IF I WAS YOUR MAN is coming in August to Breathless Press. It's been edited, cover made and ready to go! When I find out the exact date I shall announce it! As well THIS IS LOVE (co authored by Allison Cassatta is coming soon to Dreamspinner Press!! Here are both the covers for these:

coming soon to Dreamspinner Press

Coming August 2013 to Breathless Press

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Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
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