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Monday, March 9, 2009

My First Blog! And New Release

Hello Everyone! Remmy Duchene here! I finally have a blog! Took me some time to put it all together and get images on, get a header done and all that good stuff but it's finally alive! Welcome and thanks for reading.

First and foremost, I have a new contract with Phaze books! My short Saddle Up N Ride comes this April! I am so excited! Check out my cover! It is about a Hot Rancher and a Sexy Texas Ranger - Purrrrr- nothing beats that.

Anyways, I have finished writing my first ever novella. It's titled Redemption and I have submitted it somewhere so now I wait. This is the hardest part actually, the waiting and then there is the second sets of editing - sobs-. The Blurb for Redemption is below:

As a teenager, Rancher Keegan MacLamore was not a very well liked kid in the small town of Thayne. He was a motorcycle riding, longhaired, rebel. At eighteen years old he was sentenced to 25 years to life for a murder he didn't commit. In prison he's hand to stand up for himself and from time to time he was tossed into solitary confinment for months at a time. Fifteen years he is released on parole and all he wants now is to be left alone. He wants to crawl into a hole and stays there. But his best friend Colter and a long time friend will never let that happen.

Carson Lesley had no family growing up but as soon as he could he leaves Thayne and is quickly picked up for pro baseball. Every year for fifteen years, Carson returns home but for the last five years, he's been fulfilling a promise to a dying old man - take care of the Rattlesnake ranch on the off-season until Keegan MacLamore could take over. The moment Carson gets to the Rattlesnake and see's the half naked, baseball bat weilding, Tattoeed hottie with the sad, broken eyes, Carson knows he's in trouble. When he finds out that this man is Keegan, Carson slips deeper and soon he finds himself fighting for this Rancher's love.

But will Carson be the man to completely break Keegan and will love be enough to cure the secrets that are about to be revealed?

I have always wanted to write a story like this but was too chicken. Now it's finally out - it feels so much better lol. If you visit my website (its linked in my link section on this blog), you will see that my list of Works in progress is so long but now I think I'm going to start working on a Christmas title for this December. I had promised only one title per year but some stories just begs to be written. Please remember that Wait, My Love is now available with Red Eclipse Writers so get your copy today.

Anyways, that's my first blog for now!

Remmy Duchene

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Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
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