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Monday, April 27, 2009

Those sexy heroes.

Hi all! I'm Delilah Stephans and thought I'd spend the day talking about those sexy romance heroes we all love.

Oh come on, what’s not to love about them? I know I find nothing more beautiful to look at than a fit man. He doesn’t have to be muscular – don’t care for the body builders of the world personally – just fit, cut, trim; whatever term you want to use as long as he’s not egotistical about it. Let’s be honest there is nothing sexier than a well defined male physique. It’s why it’s been sculpted by the masters in the past.

The best thing about writing romance is putting a heart, soul and brain into that body – but it all starts with the body. It’s the first thing we as humans notice about a person. You can’t tell what a person is like from across the room – the ugliest person physically maybe the most wonderful person on the inside and the opposite holds true as well. But, we are always looking for the beauty.

So how do we create that hot bodied male? Some writers are gifted with an almost photographic imagination. I’m not one of them. No, I have the terrible job of having to search the internet for pictures of guys that are hot and sexy. Horrible, really horrible – .

Then I take those pictures and critique them – what is it about that guy that is hot? His eyes? His lips? His shoulders? His hair? His arms? Well I work my way down… then I take the best features of each and combine them into one too sexy too be real hero. And don’t we all want romance heroes to be like that anyway?

My latest find is Gillies Marini. He’s French, and hot – as you can see of by the pictures on this post. The entire package is great – so he’ll probably inspire many a hero!

In closing, thanks Remmy for letting me borrow your blog for the day. I had a blast!

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