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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Contracts all around!

Hey all,

Some good news to tell you about. But first, parents please, keep an eye on your little ones at all times. At nights, get out of bed from time to time and check on them - just look into their rooms on them. Yesterday they found the remains of a little girl Tori Stafford an Ontario girl that had gone missing months ago. She was a beautiful child and was loved by everyone in her community. Her family and her did NOT deserve this. So please, I don't care if it's a family friend, pick your children up from school yourselves. Do not let a family friend do it. Do not let some estrange family members do it. I'm not saying that you're not to trust your family but certain people should not be around children - use your instincts and chances are if you feel uncomfortable with your children being around certain people, you're probably right. *Sigh* Sorry for the rant there but seeing children hurt/killed just breaks my heart.

Ok, something good - I know I said I would only be doing one book a year plus an xmas story but things happened and now I have a few! Lol. So Saddle Up N Ride is out and doing very well, thank you muchly for that. So that's the first Remmy D release this year. Now there are two more to tell you about. The Orchid Murders that Iwrote with John Simson has been finished and accepted. The contracts has been signed and it will be coming soon to eXtasy Books. So we are really happy about that. It will probably be a while though since we just signed the contract a couple of weeks ago.

The second one I wanted to tell you about is my novella (my first attempt at writing anything longer than a short story) titled REDEMPTION will be coming soon. I was offered a contract last night. I still have to read the contract but I am certain that things will work out. I will hold off on telling you where until I have had a chance to talk to people, sign contracts etc etc. But I am freaking out here lol.

I know I said I was going to work on the Red Violin and I swear it will be next. But I probably wont finish that one until sometimes around christmas since I start university (my final year! YAY!) in september. My website has been updated with all the latest info and I will continue to update it with new stuff as they come to me.

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Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
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