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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Orchid Muders--5 Stars...WHAT???

So this morning I woke up and I was supposed to be doing a one page summary of what I learnt in my last History and Civilization Lecture (can someone say welcome to high school all over again?) anyways, so needless to say I didn't want to do it and I was pouting something crazy. So I decided to google The Orchid Murders by myself and John Simpson and see what popped up. To my pleasant surprise our first review popped up!! And guess what?? We got 5 Stars from Lydia at Rainbow Reviews! Here's some of what she had to say...

"...It’s not uncommon in a book that incorporates more than one genre for one of those genres to get lost behind the other. That does not happen in "The Orchid Murders," a mystery romance by authors John Simpson and Remmy Duchene... "

"...As the cops set about solving their case, there are many twists and turns that are sure to keep the reader just as baffled as the cops...."

"....On the romance front, the chemistry between Anderson and Sam is present from the beginning..."

"...I hope this will not be the last story these two put out together and highly recommend it to both mystery and romance fans alike..."

Well you have to click here for the full review but as you can see why I'm flailing like a nerd. Ok, now am off to see if John saw it *giggles* and get that paper done ugh. Oh and if you haven't gotten the Orchid Murders yet, eXtasy Books has it!

Hugs to all,

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Now at Dreamspinner Press
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