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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I feel CAGED in a good way!

So, the first publishing house I sent CAGED to told me they would take it if I changed Kyo from Japanese to Caucasian. The second house well, they wanted it but they wanted to take the rights for it for eight years--eight years! Didn't know if I was cool with that, and the next house--well it was painful. Now CAGED is coming next year to MuseItHot Publishing!!

This, is my beautiful covers that Ms. Delilah Stephens did! I absolutely love it! It captures everything I wanted it to. And it has my very sexy Japanese cage fighter on the cover so I am a very happy camper!

I now have to be patient and wait for the release date that is tentatively set for March of 2011...It's going to be a long wait....

I am very proud of CAGED. It's my first attempt at putting some serious drama and love into a story. It's a work of love for me and I hope you all enjoy reading it.

Now, I am woring on a few projects that I hope will finish well.  I am working on a Christmas story titled SPANKIN' SANTA.  So far, its coming out well and fun. I want it to be a hot, hot, hot, oh yeah and hot fun read. It won't be a literary masterpiece--that is NOT the point. The point is to have a fun sexy read just for the sake of a fun sexy read.

I am still working on COUNTRY SOUL, it's coming slowly but hopefully I'll be finish and into edits by the end of the year because I do plan on doing Nanowrimo this year.  It's only a couple of weeks from now and I really have NO idea what I'm going to do.

Thanks for stopping by!

Remmy D

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Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
"This story is about two grown ass gay men that each have a little doubt for one reason or another if their relationship will work. The story is conveyed well and kept completely on the adult playing field, I loved it! When these two get going in the bedroom it is passionate and sensual."--TSM