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Friday, October 1, 2010

R.I.P Tyler Clementi

Every day, I wake up and I go about my way and I try not to think of how evil we can be to each other. I am always a loud speaker when it comes to other people's right to live and be who they are. Hence the reason I write m/m romance. I wanted the world to see gay men as sensual, loving creatures who can love and feel just like heteros. But every day, I see that I may be fighting a losing battle.

Today, as I watch the news, which I rarely do because watching the news breaks my heart each time I do...today was no different. I hear about this kid, Tyler Clementi who killed himself all because his room-mates thought it was a bright idea to out the kid through a live broadcast while he has sex with a lover. I mean where the hell do they get off? I mean not only is this a total invasion of privacy it's disgusting! Why would you go out of your way to do somethign like this to someone who's probably struggling with the fact that he's gay? This completely tore this man's life apart and he felt he had to die to make it stop.

There is no reason to explain the senseless stupidity that happened to this young man. All because others believed he should be broken. Now he's gone and they will simply get a slap on the wrist? It is pathetic when we go out of our way to make another human being feel small--it is sad when we go out of our way to destroy our brothers and sisters. Please, how many more of our children, brothers, sisters--people we love--have to die before we realise that alienating GLBTTQ individual is going to destroy us all?

It takes very little to love someone and if you can't agree with their lifestyle or what they are, then WALK AWAY. Do not spend your time tearing the person down. Do NOT spend your tying making your duty to ruin the person because sooner or later something like this will happen. Tyler was a talented kid...and he did NOT deserve to die because a few punk-ass bigots broadcast his love life to the world. And to the lawmakers who are going to give out the punishment for this crime, do not make this kid die for nothing. Do something about this bullying. Do something--anything but DON'T just sit there and let thes heartless monsters walk.  This is the same as if they'd carried Tyler to the bridge and toss him off themselves.

I am sick of little assholes who have nothing better to do than go around and do something dumb like this or walk around with verbal Diarrhea. This has to stop because I don't want to lose anyone I love because they are gay. I really don't want to have my heart broken like that. Please--we have to be better to each other. We HAVE to be better to each other. Because if we don't why are you fucking here? Why not go jump off a bridge? If you are going to live on this planet, your dumb asses must learn to get along. I am tired of seeing stories like this in the media...


Remmy Duchene

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