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Monday, August 1, 2011

Alone at home and Have to feed myself...oh the Horror! PT 2

The Rice

So, again, I'm still here by myself. Once again I have to feed myself.  Because I made WAY too much chicken yesterday thinking the rents were coming back last night--but it seems they figured out my secret. *eyes Havan Fellows* I knew she told my secret.  So I had to improvise because I was exhaausted from working all day at the EDJ so I thought I would make something good. I deserved it! So here goes. Make Remmy's Special Chicken Surprise!  In a large pot, share out some rice. I'm not sure how many people there are in your house or how many you're cooking for. For me, there should be three people here so I put three cups of rice. Hopefully there will be left over for another day just in case my father doesn't feel like making lunch tomorrow or something.  Anyways, so in my house we use pre-cooked rice because we don't really have much time for anything else.  Rake your fingers through the rice, just to make sure nothing is in it that you don't want in it.  You know when they package these things, you have to be careful. So now that it's free of un-mentionables, wash it. Dump water in and spin it around with your fingers then strain off the water.  Then catch water in and set it on the stove to boil.

All My spices

The water will look a little white but dont worry. That's because even though you washed the rice the water will still be a little white.  In the pot with the water and rice, add your spices. I added all purpose seasoning, a little salt and some ground pepper.  You may like other stuff but be careful what you add. You don't want it to become too salty or too spicy. That defeats the purpose of Seasoned rice.  You can also add onion chopped really, really small along with green, sweet peppers and some orange ones. You can really have fun with this kind of rice. Some cultures love it really spice adn they add small pieces of chicken to it but I get heart burn when I tried that once. Maybe it wasn't made properly or sometheing but I was really sick after I tried it.  Anyways, make sure you just add a little of each to your rice.  Also, I added thyme leaves. It's a lovely spice that comes in really handy. 
Rice with seasoning

The picture beside this is the one with all the spices in the pot with the rice. You can wait until the water is boiling before adding them but I don't know it's not the same to me. I add them as soon as it's on the stove.  Next, you can cut up your own veggies...cauliflower and carrots. Make sure the peices are not too big because they will take a much longer time to cook. And make sure they aren't too small because then the veggies will get all soft and break apart. You don't want that. One of the reasons to put the veggies in is to give your plain, boring rice some colour. And the bright side is, it's healthy-er lol. Anyways, add the veggies along with some margerine or butter. Mix it a little with a fork. Never use a spoon in rice. When you use the spoon, it clumps the rice together in blotches. When you use fork, the rice is mixed and the grains flow through the fork's teeth.

I use 
The Veggies
pacakaged because I was lazy but to each their own. You don't want too much so it completely takes over. You just want enough to make sure you can see the colours of the broccoli and carrots and the chunks of other veggies. You can basically use any colourful veggies. On top of that, before you mix it with the fork, add a piece of butter or margerine. Just to add a little something extra and once the water is barely covering the veggies, cover the put, turn the heat down to medium and leave it to boil.  You want to keep your eyes on it because two things can happen. One, if the heat is up too high, the water can boil over into the stove. This is not safe for obvious reasons. Two, the water will boil out too fast leaving only some of the rice cooked. You don't want that. You want the rice to suck in the water and cook all around. by the time the rice is done, there shouldn't be any water left in the pot. Some people cook the rice for a bit then strain the water off. The water have all the nutrients in it from the boiled veggies and spices and the rice grains itself. If you strain that off, you're losing all the good stuff.

Rice with Veggies, margerine, spices

While that's happening, you want to get the chicken breasts from the night before. Cut them into large chunks. You don't want them too too small. If you don't have enough meat then you may want to do some extra like I told you about yesterday.  So cut them into large pieces and let it sit aside. Get an onion, thyme and any other spices you'd like (remember, your rice already have some spices in it so you don't want to over-do it). Then in a bowl, add some ketchup, bbq sauce, soy sauce and add some warm water to mix it. You don't want it pasty. Set that aside too. In a large frying pot, add some canola oil and let it heat, then add some garlic.  Now, my father, the angel that he is, went out and bought a whole crap loud of carlic. Then what he did, was strip them and toss them into the blender, WITHOUT water so its a nice paste. Then he put it into a large, air tight, glass jar and stuck it in the fridge. That way whenever we want some garlic, we use a clean spoon and scoop some out. It's REALLY handy! *YAY DAD!* Ok, onward to the cooking.

Onion, garlic and thyme

Once the oil is hot, add the garlic and let it fry. You want to to lightly brow before adding the chopped onions and thyme. Let they lightly brown. You don't want them burnt. You want it so that the aroma is strong but the onions cannot be too soft. You don't want to over-cook them just yet.  It smells really really good when you're cooking this part of it.  Oh and don't forget the rice. Run the fork through it again just to make sure it's not sticking. If the water is all gone, taste it and make sure its the right taste--softness to firmness.  If not, add just a touch of water and turn the stove down to low and go back to your onions and stuff.  Use a spatula for this and not a fork. You don't want to scratch the bottom of the pot and forks are nortorious for that. If you want to protect your pops use spatulas for stuff like this. 

Chicken Added

So, space the onions out so the centre of the pot is empty then add the cut up chicken.  Mix them together and let it continue frying.  You want the chicken to get a little bit more colour and to let some of the garlic kind of sink into the meat.  By now your rice is ready, turn off the stove or turn it down REALLY low.

 Mix the chicken some more, don't let it stick, dont let it burn.  Once you are satisfied it has enough colour without burning, add the mixture of bbq sauce etc you mixed earlier with the warm water. Mix it in and cover the put on medium heat. You want the chicken to warm by the water soaking through not re cook. Let it simmer and clean up the mess you just made preparing the meal in the first place. Make a little drink, some tea or something fun. Do not fall asleep lol.

Et voila!

For the gravy, you can either let the water boil down until it's a gravy or if you're afraid you'll let it burn, then just add a ltitle flour to some cold water and drop some into it and mix it in. Don't add too much flour water, this could really make it paste and ick. So here's the final product.

Added some steamed crackers from last night.

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