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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Thank you to all who entered my countdown contest!! 

The winner is:


When I think about going home or finally arriving back from a trip, I feel like I have finally arrived at the place, the one single spot, where I can be at peace. Because even if I (or you) don't notice, when visiting relatives or going to a friends house, there's this... small tension. You don't want to embarrassing them or be overly comfortable even though they say "make yourself athome", there is always something holding you back. You're never really comfortable. However, when you get back at your own place, all of that rushes out. It's why, I think, when you get home from work, you're suddenly VERY exhausted even though, just a second ago you were alert. When you get home, you're suddenly overwhelmed with sleepiness. 

 You know, that you're at the one place were you can just burp out loud and be nasty and no one will care! lol... 
Coming home, to me, means, finally being at the place where you can be yourself and at peace.

Second Prize goes to:


COMING HOME to me means I can put off all the pretenses and be me. Coming Home means unconditional love and acceptance. 

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!! Please email remmy.duchene @ gmail.com

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