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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Can I have this moment, forever....

Mooched this picture from the Lovely Havan Fellows
The air fragrant with the smell of rain fallen over freshly cut grass. We opened the window to allow it in.  Inhaling deeply, our breaths worked as one for we had been in this position for countlessh ours now. Naked, bodies intertwined me lay on the bed. Sheets tossed carelessly this way and that from our love making.  The silence has trapped us blissfully sated.  No words were spoken between us. We knew what the other was thinking.

Ever so slightly he shifted, his hard, tanned body brushing mine. I shiver with each pass of his flesh against me wondering what great deed I had done to deserve him.  Ever smile he gave me, ever morning I woke up to him lying beside me gave me the utmost of joy.  Each time I go away I take a little piece of him with me, to cherish, to remember, to feel him.  When I return, we make love and I give that piece back.  I love him that much.

Daring to move only a little bit to inhale his scent. 

I thought, with a smile, this is what heaven smells like.

Beautifully musky with a slight tinge of aftershave and rain covered freshly cut grass.  I kissed his head. 

He whispered my name.

I touched him softly, trailing my fingertip along his shoulder down slightly and across his nipples.  He whispered my name again and again until our lips fused again. A kiss--I cannot live without the taste of him.  But the kiss ended, my breathing calmed and I snuggled closer to his warm, hardness. He fell asleep, breathing evenly.

This moment is perfect.


  1. Oh baby...you know you can mooch with me...off of me...beside me anytime you want...hehe

    This is beautiful! <3


Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
"This story is about two grown ass gay men that each have a little doubt for one reason or another if their relationship will work. The story is conveyed well and kept completely on the adult playing field, I loved it! When these two get going in the bedroom it is passionate and sensual."--TSM