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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Penn State got REAMED

Before this whole Penn State deal, the media kept harping about how little power the NCAA presidents have. Lately, the NCAA president Mark Emmert have been fielding blame and scrutiny from those who didn't understand how the politics of college football works. Mark Emmert showed just how little power he had when he let the hammer fall on Penn State for

"looking the other way while Jerry Sandusky brought boys onto campus and molested them? - Metro.

The punishment handed down by the NCAA was harsh. Though some say it was too harsh, I do not believe it was. I mean in the legal world, they often say "the punishment has to fit the crime."

The Punishment:
60 Million Dollars in fines
4 year ban from post season play
A cut in the number of football scholarships Penn State can award
111 of Joe Paterno's win

The punishment in essence has crippled the college football and the players but the punishment had to be harsh. Now while I agree the athletes shouldn't suffer from this, at this point they're just colateral damange in all of this. You cannot look the otherway while little boys (or girls) are being raped and or molested and do nothing. A lot of the current Penn state students seem to be more upset over this punishment than over the fact their hero did a bad thing. I really don't understand that. This scandal--if you can call it that--did not come CLOSE to hitting home for me and I was livid when I first heard the allegations.
When we send our kids to camps, school, church etc we expect the people in charge to have their best interest at heart. We expect our children will be protected and cared for--you don't necessarily have to love them but we want you to ensure they are safe and taken care of. That is the simple bottom line.

I really hope this begins giving the victims closure.

Remmy Duchene

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