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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The biggest Disaster since......

I'm not going to say I wasn't caught up in the festivities of the London Olympics, because I was, I am. As much as I want to say I'm not because I don't watch it and freak out at the screen about why Canada still has ONE dang medal. I think of it this way, Canada is more of a winter Olympics kind of country not a summer one.  But this Olympics is a rabid disaster!

Think about it.

First they built the cauldron in the middle of the stadium so no one outside can see it. Talk about a fight against the lower class who can't afford a ticket to get in and see the thing burn and feel proud. That's upsetting. I mean the moron who decided where to put this thing was obviously not thinking. 

Next thing they messed up with was security. Some random woman found her way into the march in with the Indian Athletes and any idiot could tell she wasn't supposed to be there because she wasn't wearing the team's colours. Seriously? How did they miss that?

Then there was the mix up with the North Korean women's soccer team and the South Korean flag. These two are apples and oranges so I have no idea how they managed to mess that up.  This leads to the North Korean throwing a tantrum and locking themselves away in seclusion.

Next came the athletes being kicked out for racial slurs and doping. That's why I found it hilarious at the oaths they took at the beginning of the games swearing they'd say no to doping and work together in peace blah, blah, blah.

Then add athletes refusing to train along side other athletes because of the country they're from--I personally think if you go to the Olympics and refuse to train or participate because of another country, you should get kicked out--to empty seats in the stadium--am talking EMPTY seats. You look in and you don't see anyone, kind of empty seats. And these--these are just the few screw ups we hear off because reporters are nosy.

Shin A Lam - South Korean Fencer
  Then comes the places where they are robbing countries of medals because they screwed up.  Take South Korea's Shin A Lam who "lost" to Germany's Britta Heidermann.

Instead, the timing mechanism on the piste became stuck, giving Heidermann extra time to complete her attack and win the bout, which earned her the spot in the gold medal bout.  - Yahoo News
The Olympic clock malfunctioned and they declared Britta the winner. Nothing against Britta but if everyone saw the clock got stuck, they should have given Shin the win, period. But what did these very wise people did? When the South Korean's appealed, they gave the win to Britta anyways, then forced Shin A Lam to fence against China FIFTEEN minutes later. Who does that? What would be the specific reason why you wouldn't just admit you fucked up and just give the win to the actually person who won? What possible face could they think they were saving with robbing an athlete at a chance at her medal?

I mean come on! We saw you do it! We know what happened! Why not just admit you were wrong? It's so depressing knowing that you would blatantly say "no. You lost!" Because she didn't.

Can't believe anyone can be THAT stupid? Go here. Or google Shin A Lam - Olympics London 2012.

It's stupid things like this make me NOT want to watch the Olympics. The Londoners are saying their Olympics is better than the last but Beijing never had these issues. I'm sure they had some issues but none this noteworthy and downright unfair. I think if you can't keep your equipment working, at least have the decency of admitting when you're wrong. That's what's killing me. If YOU screw up. YOU fix it. You're sending an athlete home knowing she won but still didn't get a chance to fight for gold.  This is what we're teaching our young watching this? "Listen to me Johnny and Susie. Never admit you're wrong. Not even when MILLIONS of people witnessed it."

What a waste of time.

Remmy Duchene

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