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Thursday, April 2, 2015

As a Christian...

For those who follow me you know I rarely get political. But there is a time to be silent and a time to speak up and trust me, this the time to speak up.

I'm a Christian. Let's begin with that. And as such I have to step up and say something. This whole thing people seem to be on with this "freedom of religion" bullshit is really starting to irk me. Now, let me see if I can do all of this without swearing.

Growing up, Sundays were for two things--church and family. We would spend our mornings in church being taught the bible, our days playing outside with other kids and our evenings in the kitchen cooking Sunday dinner to eat together. With spending so much time at church, the bible was crammed into our heads. On numerous occasions we were taught about Sodom and Gomorrah. Yes my children, as children we were taught about all of that.  All the times the story was retold or rather 'taught' to me, never once did it mention "gay marriage" or that these people were in love, in committed relationships. What I learned was that a bunch of people were like "hey, how you doing, let's have sex." There was nothing homosexual about it--it was all sexual. Then a few misguided people decided to translate that one story into a world of hate on a people that just wants equality and to be left alone.

Sure, I believe in the bible. And it taught us that God does not make mistakes. So let's work on that premise, shall we?

God does not make mistakes.

He gave us free will. And because of that, people chose to hate each other and to use something as inconsequential as who they sleep with you make their lives miserable.

God does not make mistakes.

Gay people exists. They are whole and wonderfully made just like the straight ones so if God does not make mistakes, our gay brothers and sisters ARE meant to be here. They are meant to be treated with respect and love. They deserve to be loved back,deserve to have sex, deserve to be able to walk into a store and buy what they want without being tossed out (I'm looking at you Indiana,Arkansas and Georgia - and who the hell talks about Arkansas these days, is this a publicity attempt??)

The bible that I read also tells me to love each other, my brother  - not in the sense of we came from the same mother and father (or same mother but not the same father or same father but not the same mother--oh gawd you get what I mean). But in the sense of love each other.  So, when you go out there and make trouble my opening your big mouth to say your family's pizza place will not cater a gay wedding, not only are you a moron in thinking any self respecting gay person would want your crappy ass pizza served to their guests on their big day, but as a so called Christian you are going against the very teaching of your God when he tells you to LOVE EACH OTHER!

And you support/making a law against homosexuality (Yes Indiana, that is what it is, You may say it's not but semantics) is flying in the face of another teaching from said bible - Judge not lest ye be judged.

You see, you can't just take the bible and live a life that only uses a part of it. You can't pick and chose which parts you want to follow.

But let's digress from the bible and religion for a second.

Has anyone stopped to think how DANGEROUS this is all becoming? These laws are putting people in a horrible position. You can't make a law giving permission to deny service to someone based on the fact they are gay and I know Indian keeps saying that's not what the law is but why do you NEED a law to protect your religious freedoms in America? It's the land of the free, right? And this law is only protecting the so called Christians. Think about it. Do you think a Muslim person can deny a Christian service based on their religion because Muslim does not believe in Christianity? Do you know the firestorm that would come down on the heads of these Muslims? Do you understand how fast they would be out of business? The names they would be called if they dared rejecting someone's business because they were Christian?  OMG the world would end!

It seems people these days are not getting any smarter. Slavery happened and it was a horrible, horrible thing but it seems most of these states learned nothing from it. Lemony Snicket said those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. And it seems everyone has forgotten. They forget what it feels like to separate people, to have water fountains for different folks because they like different strokes. It was horrible. It caused people to be hung from trees just because of the colour of their skin or because they support others with a different colour skin.  Now it's all about something that people do in the privacy of their bedroom.

Listen, I am Christian and I believe in God. So I have to say that these bigots in Indiana and other states wanting to pass this law does NOT speak for me. I speak for myself and what they are doing is wrong. Not because I write LGBT romance or because I have friends who are LGBT but because I am a logical, thinking person and I think love is better than hate. Do you know how many amazing friends you are missing out on because you choose to fight against LGBT? I am blessed with some of the most AMAZING friends that I wouldn't have if I'd followed the steps of most Jamaicans into homophobia.

Love is love. And no matter who your love is directed to, you are beautiful and wonderfully made.

I do not support stupid, and what is happening is just that--dangerous and stupid.

Remmy Duchene

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  1. I totally agree. When will we learn to love and not hate.


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