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Monday, April 13, 2015

Once a Samurai Blog Tour - #Osaki is Coming!

Welcome to the Once A Samurai blog tour. 

It's funny. Once I got the idea for the SHIVERS, I  never thought anyone would want them. I mean, they were a species I created while in the shower, listening to one of my favorite, Canadian, pop singers, while singing quite off-key, really, really loud.  After many trials, things that tested me and my writing and tested me mentally/emotionally, I almost gave up and delete the whole thing. I mean, book one, CIRO was a 19, 000 word short story written for who I thought was a friend to open his own publishing house.  That ended in disaster and after CIRO was rejected by a publishing house I thought--I was done.

Then my best friend, I call her Tster, got into my head again. She is always telling me not to give up. To fight for what I wanted; to fight for my happiness. And writing made me happy. Well, writing MAKES me happy. I mean sure there are the bad reviews but those come with the territory and if you notice I don't even have a review page on my website or blog anymore. I don't really pay them much attention because if I do sometimes I'd curl into a ball in my room and never want to go out again.  Anyway, I had a long talk with the best friend and then after I hung up the phone, I turned on my computer, logged out of facebook and got into writing CIRO again. This time, I wrote until I the whole manuscript was red with track changes. By the time I stopped, the story had gone from 19,000 words to a whopping 48, 000. Then, I wrote the synopsis, and did all the paperwork needed and shipped it off to Totally Bound

Then the wait.....

I waited....

and waited...

And finally got a reply.

It wasn't an outright acceptance. No. It was a "we love the premise but we think it can be bigger, better...and here's how..."

Glad for these words of improvement and encouragement, I set to work again and soon, I was
finished again and resubmitted it. After another wait, CIRO had a home and they were asking me for a series. Colour me shocked! I had no plans for a second or a third book but it had the potential. And not only did they want more stories--they were willing to take the chance and put each book in print. 

That was how Osaki's story was born. 

Osaki has a lot on his plate and love is the last thing he has time for. Not only does he have to get used to his new powers as a Shiver and all the training it involves, but he also finds himself being drawn to a human—though Kofi makes it clear he’s into women—and Osaki must respect the man’s wishes. All Osaki really has to do is focus on training and being the best tour guide possible for Kofi. But nothing ever goes as planned and soon rogue Shivers are popping out of the woodwork, hell-bent on destroying Osaki for his inheritance. It soon becomes quite clear that they want him dead, and they’re not afraid to use Kofi as leverage—or as collateral damage.
Kofi Olabasu needs a vacation. He’s spent so much time looking out for his brother and working that he’s completely neglected himself. To make matters worse, feelings for a man are driving him crazy. The moment Kofi feels Osaki, he knows something is about to change. Confused about his attraction to Osaki, he agrees to take a vacation and accepts Osaki’s offer of being Kofi’s tour guide in Japan. However, nothing is as it seems. Soon every dark corner is filled with danger and those who wish to do him harm. 
On April 17th, Osaki will be hitting the virtual shelves in print and ebooks. But in the meantime - you can preorder your copy at Totally Bound!
There are prizes to be won. If you follow the tour, be sure to remember to comment based on the questions and you could win!
Give Kato About Town a click tomorrow, April 14th to check out my guest post and enter the contest!
Remmy Duchene

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Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
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