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Thursday, July 28, 2011

CAGED is Here!

So good news my lovelies! CAGED is finally here!! Well, it has been out on Kindle since yesterday but I didn't know! One of my readers informed me on facebook and I rushed right over to check.   I know you all know the cover because I've been showing it off for AGES now.  It was released on Amazon on July 25th and will be available from MuseItHot at their website today!

So I guess I could say the wait is over!! *flails happily*  So for those of you who have no idea what I'm babling about, here's the blurb. And I will add an excerpt under that.

Kyo "Wings" Tsubasa has been fighting all his life; his father during training, his father's ghost, in two wars for his country and now he's fighting the demons left behind by a jerk of an ex-boyfriend. When he returns from Iraq to find that his fiancée had allowed their house to be foreclosed on, emptied his bank account and disappeared, Kyo was destroyed. He begins fighting in illegal cage matches at first to pay the bills, but after a while, he begins fighting more than just human opponents in that ring--now, he's fighting his demons.

Tyrone Swayby has been disappointing his father all his life. Tyrone did acting instead of football, business in university instead of Medicine and Tyrone is gay instead of straight. When his father retired and handed the family gym business to Tyrone, he thinks all is well, but every step he makes, his father is there to question him. With his life spinning out of control with his father, the last thing Tyrone is looking for is love. But seeing the sexy, cage fighter make his body burn in all the right ways.

...and how far is Tyrone's father willing to go to make sure Kyo and Tyrone never get together?


It didn’t seem all that long before Danny returned and led him through a small corridor into a bright light. He felt like the rats being led by the pied piper. Rolling his shoulders to get out the kinks, the sound of the cheering crowd hit him. They were yelling all kinds of things but mostly at the man in the ring – the giant of a man in the ring. Then they saw him and almost in unison, the crowd roared with laughter. It was obvious they didn’t bet on him but Kyo didn’t mind.

The inside of the club surprised him. From the outside it just seemed so regular. But the inside had a large--slightly raised off the ground—a spot in the centre parted off by chairs set in a circle. It had an octagonal hole before the chairs but he didn’t spend too much time wondering what that was for. Kyo knew the space was the ring he’d be fighting in and that was all that mattered. His eyes went back to the man standing there, prancing around as though he owned the joint. He was flexing and waving and growling at the audience – Kyo fought the urge to roll his eyes like an insolent child.

“That’s Cage Hog,” Danny explained, pointing to the mean-looking sucker in the ring already. “We don’t even know his real name. He’s been our champ for the last four weeks.”

“So, you thought you’d put the little Japanese boy up against the giant, is that it?”

Danny smirked and Kyo saw betrayal there.

He dropped his duffle at the base, removed his Marine insignia from his shoulder and the one on his chest and stowed them carefully in his bag wrapped in one of his under-wears. The thought of fighting in some illegal match made Kyo feel as if he was betraying everything the Marines taught him. Kyo left his camouflage pants on and stepped up to enter the ring. He had just made it to his corner when a sound echoed above him and the crowd went even wilder. He looked up to see a cage being lowered around them. That angered him for no one said anything about a cage but ten grand was ten grand. He could get a motel room for the night then look for an apartment the next day and a job. Taking a deep breath he stepped forward and waited until the cage was fully in place. The bell sounded and his Goliath charged.

Stay calm, Kyo-Chan. Anger has no place in a fight. It clouds the mind, slow the reflexes.

Kyo inhaled deeply as the large man growled and kept coming. At the last possible second he took a leap to the left, spun around and slammed his elbow in the back of the man’s head. That did nothing but slam him into the net making Cage Hog even angrier. Kyo spun in time to dodge a fist but sent a high kick into the side of the man’s head.

During a fight, Kyo-Chan, patience determines the winner. Easy does it.

The crowd went silent. It was as though they were all sitting there in shock. Kyo used his fists against Cage Hog’s hips before hooking a leg around the bigger fighter’s and pulling. Cage Hog fell face first into the hard ground and Kyo took advantage of that by moving into a Kimura lock. A fight style from Brazilian Ju-jitsu but it worked like a charm – he picked that one up from his first Marine Commander.

Kyo grabbed Cage Hog’s right hand and yanked it painfully behind the larger man’s body like a deformed chicken wing that was bent in too far. This caused his arm to be locked around Cage Hog’s shoulder keeping the man from wiggling out. He then turned so that his legs wrapped around Cage Hog’s neck and twisted. The only way Cage Hog would escape was to refuse submission and passed out or struggle and got his arm broken.

No referees. No rules. No Mercy.

Kyo knew as a fighter and a marine if a man said he surrendered, he was to give him the benefit of the doubt; you don’t lower your weapon till he lowered his but you still take his sayings into consideration. Cage Hog struggled until the last; until his arm snapped and he went limp. Kyo released him and backed away. The cage lifted, the crowd was moaning their disappointment in their golden boy and Kyo was simply aching to get out of the ring. As soon as he stepped from the ring, Danny was there with a large roll of cash, his clothes and his MP3 player. Kyo’s fingers closed over the money and Danny’s fingers. He yanked Danny into his sweat cover chest and whispered to him. “You forgot, Danny boy? David slew Goliath.”

PS: While you're on Amazon Kindle, if you haven't gotten Straight Through the Heart or SHIVER, yet, why not snag those too?

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Now at Dreamspinner Press
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