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Sunday, July 10, 2011

SHIVER, Coming Out and CAGED!

So it's finally here! My first Paranormal and yes its a short. I mean I had to start slow and build my way up. Now be nice, I have never really touched this genre before but it's always been something that I wanted to do. I mean who wouldn't want to? Ok so my story SHIVER is about what happens when Hera finally gets REALLY pissed off at her husband giving it to every other woman of every species and subspecies but her! Yeah, I know, a woman scorned indeed.

I loved the idea of mixing mythology with romance and erotica. Even thoug I don't know how people will like it, I had to do it.  Carter and Ciro were just on the tip of my tongue begging to be written. Now if they do well, I JUST may write a story for Osaki (if you read the story you'll know who he is *purrs*) oh wait, I was blogging, ok so now I can focus.   The blurb as to give a little background on the story and trust me when I say it wasn't easy to write. Sometimes I wish all I had to do was write the story, flail and scream happily at the cover then let the rest up to someone else lol.  Anyways here's what the blurb is actually once I finally stopped ripping out my hair over it.  Zeus, king of the gods, have a rather annoying habit of mating with those he shouldn’t. This time, he mated with Anemos, goddess of the storm winds. Hera, has finally had enough and cursed any off springs the two may have—this creates the Shivers.  Now you can get the book at  http://empirebookstore.com or you can just CLICK HERE.

Ciro Pyktis is the oldest of the Shivers and somewhere along the way he is tasked with protecting the humans from another hell Zeus has unleashed on them. But when one of the Shivers he must destroy is his own brother, Ciro knows his life is over. That is until Carter Olabasu.

Carter Olabasu has just admitted to his brother that he is gay. How in the world is he going to explain to his brother that he's in love with a Shiver? And how can he deny the heat and desire he feels for this very strange man?
Will he be able to love this man when he finds out what he is? And what about when everything comes full circle ?
Now about another story CAGED. Yes I know I've been harping on it and most of you have been waiting for over a year for it. But I FINALLY have a date for you. It's coming July 29, 2012....lol just kidding it's coming July 29, 2011. It's ready to go with the cover, edits and everything. So it won't be much longer.  This story is dear to my heart, not unlike SHIVER. This story was written from a place of love and happiness.  I was happiest when I was writing Kyu and Tyrone that is why I fought like hell to get it a good home. When I explained this to Delilah K Stephens, my oh so lovely cover artist, she took that and came back with this beautiful cover. Every time I look at it I feel my heart soar....ok ok enough of my gushing over how totally wonderful my Muse CA is...but she is amazing.  My editor was as always wonderful. She took care of my baby as if it was hers and Carrie you're a dah-lin.  But yes, it is coming and my patient Lady E and others can stop pouting at me with those big teary eyes lol. Don't worry I love you guys too lol. Anyways, here's the blurb. Kyo "Wings" Tsubasa has been fighting all his life; his father during training, his father's ghost, in two wars for his country and now he's fighting the demons left behind by a jerk of an ex-boyfriend. When he returns from Iraq to find that his fiancee had allowed their house to be foreclosed on, emptied his bank account and disappeared, Kyo was destroyed. He begins fighting in illegal cage matches at first to pay the bills, but after a while, he begins fighting more than just human opponents in that ring--now, he's fighting his demons.

Tyrone Swayby has been disappointing his father all his life. Tyrone did acting instead of football, business in university instead of Medicine and Tyrone is gay instead of straight. When his father retired and handed the family gym business to Tyrone, he thinks all is well, but every step he makes, his father is there to question him. With his life spinning out of control with his father, the last thing Tyrone is looking for is love. But seeing the sexy, cage fighter make his body burn in all the right ways.

...and how far is Tyrone's father willing to go to make sure Kyo and Tyrone never get together.

So CAGED will be available at MustItHot Publishing so you can find it at http://museithotpublishing.com/


TO YOU: A Totally Untrue Story of Coming Out, came to me a while back but I didn't know what to do wit hit. At first I called it "Open Wide" but let's face it, that title was a BAD idea lol.  So as I kept writing and thinking about it, the idea came to me. Its Interracial about a man name Mason Anderson, well the story started when he was 19 years old.  It doesn't really follow his life--per say. It follows his love life and his sexual awakening to the fact that well, you know from reading the title. You can buy it by clicking HERE its a fun ready, I hope. Or copy and paste the following link into the browswer. http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/to-you-a-totally-untrue-story-of-coming-out/16222019
Oh here's the blurb:
Mason Anderson has everything—he is wealthy, with more money than he is used to, a sexy girlfriend and youth. At 19 years old, he could feel himself changing and his attraction to women is gone. The primal urges surging through his body is for the hard, tone flesh of men. As if starting to date the first time wasn’t hard enough—now Mason must face the fact that he is Gay and navigate the dating world all over again with the help of two amazing friends and a craving for a rather sexy—older police Captain.
It has always been a wonderful thing, when a man could look in the mirror and know precisely who and what he is. In the same breath, it is maddeningly terrifying when he looks for himself in his own eyes and doesn’t recognize who or what he sees. It was like being stuck in a dark room filled with strangers all of them silently watching.

I was twenty one and scared out of my mind. I was dating girl any straight man would kill to have. I mean she was sexy, educated, talented and her body could bend in some positions that would put the Kama Sutra to shame. But for some reason, six months into our relationship I began losing interest. I liked her—a lot. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was I started going to the gym and instead of working out as hard as I used to, I would spend an hour on the treadmill staring at the guy beside me out of the corner of my eyes. If I was to be honest with myself, I had been doing that for years. But, let’s for argument’s sake say it recently began and go from there. When it started, I brushed it off as merely curiosity to see how long he could last on the machine. Then it was curiosity to see how long he would go without looking down at the controls. But it got worse. It had gotten so bad I could see myself hovering over him in bed, touching him in ways that was foreign to my mind with a man. But no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t stop my mind from going to that place. There was just something about his sweat covered body that made my mouth water—that made my body tingle in a certain way that felt so right. Once I realized I was doing it again; drooling over his flexing physique, I hopped astride the moving part of the treadmill and stopped it before climbing off.

Suddenly, I felt ill. But the truth was I couldn’t look away. My breathing became quick bursts of air leaving my body faster and faster as my heart hammered inside my chest. My palms were covered in sweat and I couldn’t wipe my forehead with my towel fast enough before more sweat littered my face. Pressing my eyes closed for a moment, I took a breath and reopened them. This time I turned my whole body away from him. I hurried down the steps to the second level of the gym, dodged a sweaty woman puffing toward an elliptical machine and barged into the men’s room. That did not help for two half naked, muscular men came walking toward me talking to each other. They probably didn’t even notice I was there but I noticed them—good heavens how I noticed them.

They both had white towels wrapped around their hips with muscles dipping beneath the offending material. It was shocking, how angry I was at the piece of cloth blocking their private areas from my eyes. Strange since I had never seen another man naked before for during high school I refused to shower with the others. So I’d never seen a man completely in the nude—except myself. It wasn’t like I turn myself on so why was I so desperate to see these men fully naked?

The man on the right had black hair and serious blue eyes…good looking but I didn’t really feel it for him as much. From time to time he nodded and a small smile would break his large, succulent lips. But as soon as it appeared, the mirth was gone again like a smoke in the wind. He was built like a swimmer, every muscle pronounced on his slender frame which didn’t quite match his lips but good looking nonetheless.

The man on the left was blond, with green eyes and a bit more muscles. This one I felt more for. He looked as though he’d been building for quite some time. He was handsome with large hands and long fingers. I licked my lips and that took away the little focus I had on where I was going. I crashed into Blondie. Muttering an apology, I hastened into a nearby stall and slammed the door closed. Pressing my back into the closed door, I clamped my eyes shut trying to stop the flashing images in my head; the way manly bodies would flow over each other with deep caresses. All I could see was gasping mouths releasing sounds of pure pleasure, fingers tangling with each other, hearts pounding causing me to clutch my head and bite back a moan.

What was the matter with me?

My chest heaved painfully and my knees trembled. I felt as if I didn’t sit on the toilet seat I would topple over in the confined space. I sat on the toilet and bent forward sticking my face between my knees. It was my crazy attempt at slowing my breathing. How could the travel industry think that position would help in the case of an emergency? I was in an emergency and it didn’t work. It simply pressed my aroused nipples into my thighs sending shockwaves of desire through my body. I bolted upright and stared down, wide-eyed at the bulge in the front of my pants.

“This is not happening,” I whispered. “Please, no this is not happening!”

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Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
"This story is about two grown ass gay men that each have a little doubt for one reason or another if their relationship will work. The story is conveyed well and kept completely on the adult playing field, I loved it! When these two get going in the bedroom it is passionate and sensual."--TSM