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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Nagging Tale

First things first--I know you guys were looking forward to Laird's Choice coming March 10th, but due to some unforseen stuff, it has been pushed back to April. I was given a specific date but since I'm a big fan of Murphy and his stupid law, I'm going to keep that specific date underwraps for now. So that's what happened there. 

Jose's Surrender (a very impromptu 4th story in the series) is finished and submitted. Now I wait to hear back.

Now onward to my Nagging Tale. Since I began writing Sons of Eros (The series) I had this story in the back of my head just nagging me. So far the unofficial title is "Father Guardian" I know, its a little redundant, that is why it is the unofficial title. Anyways, it's about a cop who's best friends were killed by a drunk driver so now he has to deal with not one, but TWO of their kids who are twin girls in their early teens....I wrote the first chapter today and had to admit it's sad.

Brock Santos has taken down some of the city’s most vicious criminals and when busting through the doors, he has not even an inkling of fear. But when it comes to children, he’s way out of his element. When he signed on the dotted line at his best friend’s twin girls’ christening to be the God-Father, he believed the God Father would simply send the kids presents, and spoil them rotten. But when his best friends are killed by a drunk driver, he is left with teenage twins who hates the very ground he walks on.

Psychiatrist Everett Sharp knows a fish out of water when he sees one and Brock Santos is a fish out of water. The very sexy OPP officer looked tired, run down but so sexy. He knows the story behind the family and his heart goes out to them. The more he works with them, the closer Everett gets to doing something that could cost him his license…fall in love with his patients’ Guardian.  

Anywho that's what I'm working on.
Remmy D

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Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
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