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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Prelude to being Naughty

Hey guys,

I thought I would put something fun up here. I guess it was posted for another blog I was supposed to guest blog at but there was some scheduling mix up but I don't see why you can't enjoy it, right?

Welcome once again to another episode of Night Air. I'm your dirty little secret Logan and this is WLUV radio. What happens when your most secret desires is tempted? What happens when those deep, dark yearnings have a chance to come to the surface? Would you run away or would you stick around and indulge? You have to be fierce about it, get up and go with it, get down and dirty with it--otherwise what's the point?

Are you with a lover tonight? You may want to find one in the next three minutes--because your letters have got me hot and bothered. Here's Janet Jackson, I get Lonely on WLUV.



Have you gotten someone yet? Yes? Then perfect. Now I get to reach into the email inbox here, and pull out the first story. Alright, let me see now--our first ever letter is from an Anonymous writer. He wish to be call Caine. The letter goes as follows.

Hello Night Air, Hello Logan. This is new for me--but I have to tell someone what I have done. It's not that I am overtly proud of it all, but I have to get it out of my system. At the age of eighteen, as if life wasn't complicated enough, I had to come to the realisation that I was gay. I mean I've experimented with women all my life but suddenly I just couldn't be with one. They are beautiful creatures but a man--there is just something so breath-taking about the hard, tone muscles of a man. I couldn't tell anyone what I was feeling. How could I? My father was the town's pastor, an upstanding citizen in town. My mother was a teacher and my brother was All american Jock. There was no way I could tell them because what I craved was something they could never understand. If I could barely understand it, how could they?

My first time with a man came the night after my eighteenth birthday. I was alone and just--not fitting in so I wandered away from our small town into the city on our borders. I roamed the streets, not altogether sure what I was looking for until I was invited by a bunch of guys into a club. The moment I stepped in I knew I was so out of my depths. It was as though someone had pulled me from the comfort of my mother's arms and tossed me into the deep end of the pool and I couldn't swim. The music was loud, the air was smokey for they were still allowed to smoke indoors then. I couldn't see much of anything but one of them was holding my hand, pulling me along. Someone asked if I wanted to dance and I frowned telling him I didn't even know his name. "Jeff," he said. "My name is Jeff."

Nodding, I allowed him to pull me into his arms. A sigh escaped my body as my neck seem to lose all strength. I slumped against him, resting my head against his chest as my eyes drifted shut. He smelled like my piece of the forbidden fruit and I didn't want to get away. I held onto him, allowing him to rock me to the soft sounds of what song I can't remember. I simply remembered everyone else disappeared leaving the sweet smell of his breath against my nose and the hardness of his body pressing into me. I was aroused--I poked him against the thigh and I was horrified. I tried pulling away then but he wouldn't let me go.

"I would be your first, wouldn't I?" he asked, softly against my ear.
"I don't know what you're talking about," I lied.
"Don't lie to yourself. I know I turn you hon."

I couldn't think straight. Dragging my body from him, I staggered my way through the crowed until I slumped heavily against the bar. The bartender walked to me and leant in. I wasn't sure what I wanted to drink but I knew what my body wanted to do to Jeff. I ordered a guiness though I was under age to drink and chugged half the bottle before Jeff reached me.

We have to take a break for some music. Here's Robyn and Dancing On My own.



He said nothing to me--simply took my hand and led from the loud confusion of the club. The bathroom door clanged shut just before the stall door slammed behind us. He pushed me against the wall, and while he held me to it with one hand braced against my chest, his other was busy unzipping me. When I grunted, he smiled and slipped down my body. Jeff crabbed my cock and even as he knelt before me I knew what he was going to do. Fear clutched my insides but not enough to freak--not yet. I wanted to feel what it was like to be tasted and savoured on someone's tongue.

He licked at me first before looking up into my eyes. I nodded, licked my lips and gripped the back of his head. I pushed his head forward until I was sliding deeper and deeper into his throat with my head pressed against the stall's wall. I was sorrounded by hot, wetness that I needed. A shiver danced through him as his throat squeezed he harder, trapping me in a silent scream.



Delirium charged through me. I was groaning, shoving my hips forward and swearing, I was halfway to heaven. There was no better way to describe what I was feeling at that moment. He stood then...reaching into his back pocket while pinching my nipple through my shirt. I groaned, my body writhed in a kind of pleasure that threatened to knock me out. I loved it so much a smile spread crossmy face. He pinched, tugged, twisted it while whispered the nastiest words in my ear I'd ever heard. The sad part of it all was I enjoyed them, I enjoyed them so much I exploded all over the front of his pants, panting with my chest heaving. I pressed my eyes closed wondering who mad he was going to be but his laughter caused me to glare at him.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"You, are a virgin," he chuckled. "Which means, this is going to be a treat for you."

I frowned. "You're not going to fuck me."

"Who said anything about me fucking you?" He asked, giving my nipple one last twist. I groaned his name wanting more but he turned away from him, stuffing something into my hand. He stripped his pants off, pushing them down to his ankles, bracing his chest into the opposite wall and spreading his cheeks for me. He did not have to say anything. I knew what to do. Ripping the condom packet open, I dressed myself in the lubricated condom, aimed my dick for his hole and pushed forward.

The floodgate burst open. I clutched his hips, braced my feet securly against the ground and slammed my hips forward. Over and over I plunged into him, drilling forward, grunting. I wanted so much more--to go so much deeper. Leaning in, I opened my mouth sinking my teeth into Jeff's shoulder. He growled, reaching back and slapping my thigh.

I pulled from him and smiled as he turned around, held me into the wall and bit my ear. I laughed. "Frustrated Jeff?" I asked cheekily.

"Don't talk--fuck me," he demanded. "Make me cum."

Gladly, I obliged him. I drilled him good and hard, over and over. I watched him banged his fist into the stall's wall not caring if we were alone or not. With the desire charging through me, the adrenaline pumping through my veins, I didn't care either. When he reached back and sunk his fingers into my thighs, I knew something had to give. Biting my lips, I waited, held my breath and waited.

I felt it the moment he started cuming. His hold grabbed my cock, held on and squeezed, milking me of ever drop of juice I had.

With his chest heaving, he eased off my abused dick, kissed my nose and pulled his clothes back in place. He then opened the stall and walked out, leaving me there sitting weakly on the toilet seat, desperately trying to recall how to breathe.

I still haven't told my parents what I am. I still can't seem to find Jeff again. What does that make me?

That, dear Caine, makes you human. It makes you remember that you were once young and that your body crave the fires of lust just like everyone else. Gay or not, you shouldn't deny yourself such raw, pleasure. That's all we have time for tonight my lovers.

I am Logan and this was WLUV radio...Can you keep a secret?

Remmy Duchene

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**winner will be picked March 5, 2012**

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Now at Dreamspinner Press
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