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Monday, September 30, 2013

Hot in Fall Blog Hop = Welcome!

Welcome to the Hot in fall Blog hop! For the next seven days, we are giving you permission to take some time for yourself and just breathe.

With that in mind, lock yourself into the bathroom but not before taping a note to the door that states emphatically that for the next ten (of fiftee)minutes you will not do any of the following : boo-boo kissing, stopping his brother from breathing on him, telling him where you keep the toilet paper--either figure it out or use your finger. You will not be cooking, cleaning, going out to buy a new back pack for the seventh time this month, dropping anyone off, picking anyone up, looking at a zit that he thinks is cancerous (you know its not because you've looked at it many, MANY times before and even taken him to see a doctor and the doctor said its not), pulling anyone's finger, pulling your hubby's finger, baking anything, sewing anything last minute, telling her where the washer and dryer is because she's fifteen and should know now that her clean laundry just appear out of thin air in her room folded twice a week, helping anyone pull their finger out from where it is stuck, or stopping anyone from catching the cooties (or whatever it is the kids calling it these days)---by the time they finish reading this they'll either get the picture or get bored halfway through and just give up. While you write all that, we'll wait. In fact, while the rest of us wait for you, here's a hottie they can stare at.

Oh you're back. *Snaps fingers* ok, pay attention and stop looking at the booty for a second because there will be a test later. 

Ready to get a moving? You sure? Bathroom door closed, music blaring? You're sitting on the closed toilet seat with her laptop in her lap? 

Alright then, let's do this.

So most of you know that music is a HUGE part of my writing. I love it because a good song can pull out so much out out of you that nothing else can. When I was writing my new story DELIVER ME - I listened to a lot of sad love songs and also when I was writing my COWBOY MINE. I needed those sad songs to dig deep and GO THERE. I would like to now share with you, some of my favorite sexy tunes.

Let's start off with a little old school Barry White with a new school twist. Add Usher, Tyrese, LL Cool J, Robin Thicke, Tevin Campbell and you get something that is unforgettable with SECRET GARDEN.

Now we move to South Korea. This next guy is an actor, singer, writer, businessman - I don't know, with all the stuff he does, I do not know how he find time for anything else. Though the song is in Korean its still very sexy.  But I'm a part of a group that sub title songs with English so now every time I hear this song it breaks my heart. It's about a man who's in love with a girl who once loved him but now is pushing him away and he just can't get over it and has no idea what to do with himself  because she won't tell him why she's become so cold all of a sudden. Here's Rain aka Bi with LOVE SONG.

And most of you know Robin Thicke now - he's clean cut, short hair, sexy in his suits and strutting like a man walking on air. But before his Miley Cyrus debacle, Robin Thicke was a long haired punk with a golden voice. Here he is with WHEN I GET YOU ALONE

Remember earlier when I said there would be a test? Here it is. In one of these songs there is a line that said "You can keep your toys in the drawers tonight" If you watch the vids you can tell real easily which video. All I want you to do is send me the TITLE and the ARTIST to remmy.duchene AT gmail.com with "HOT FOR FALL" in the subject. DO NOT POST THE ANSWER IN THE COMMENT SECTION.

At the end of the blog hop, I will take all the correct answers with the names and put them in a hat, shake it around and tell my niece to reach in and pull one out. The winner gets a free eBook copy of THIS IS LOVE written by myself and the uber amazing Allison Cassatta.

A test you can dig, right? Oh and yes you can comment on the comment section but only those entered in the contest by email will qualify.

here is a Pretty cover for THIS IS LOVE made by Allison

Told you she was uber talented!

For your chance to win some other goodies, please continue on the hop by click on the authors below.

Remmy D

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  1. Carolyn - caroaz [at] ymail [dot] comOctober 2, 2013 at 6:32 PM

    Remy, thanks for hosting the hop and sharing with all of us! Those are three songs I had not listened to before, but I appreciate getting to stretch my music list a bit. That was a fun twist on Secret Garden.


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Now at Dreamspinner Press
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