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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Muse: Cory Higgins from BRUSH STROKE

Remmy: I woke up one morning and was invited to this blog hop by Iyana and I could not believe my luck. I got to talk about my Muse (*giggles* Luckily Iyana has no clue how nuts I am and that I have more than one...shhh don't tell her!). But today I chose to speak about ...

Cory *jumping up and down*: ME! Remmy is going to talk about me! Which is good because I have a few things I need to say...

Remmy: Wait a minute now. Who let you in here? Your story just started. *tries to push Cory out door.*

Cory *grabs a hold of door*: Hell no! I won't go!

Remmy *gives up and rests hands on hips*: For crying out loud...fine you can stay but you can't interrupt my little story.

Cory *pretends to zip lips*

Remmy: As I was saying...

Cory: I have a really sad story.

Remmy *sighs*: Ladies and genglemen, my Muse and character from a current work in progress Brush Stroke, Cory Higgins.

Cory: Well don't just stand there! Applause!

Remmy: Now Cory, I don't think....

Cory: Applause!

Remmy *groans and claps*

Cory *bows*

Remmy *stops clapping*

Cory:  Now about my story and what you've done to me.

Remmy: Me? You're the Muse. You're in charge.

Cory: I mean come on, I came out to my father and he's cool with that. So I thought, the hard part is over, now let me tell him I DON'T wanna go to Law School.

Remmy *smirking*: Tell them how well that ended.

Cory: I got DISOWNED! Can you believe that shit? You'd think the gay business would be the thing to make daddy dearest cringe. Lately, Remmy has been cruel to her muses. I mean sweet lord, Merrick from THIS IS LOVE is an ex-felon!

Remmy *holds up finger and clears throat*

Cory: Oh please that means nothing.

Remmy: Allison Cassatta loved that idea.

Cory: That's cuz she's mean to her muses too.

Remmy: Hey, you're the one that just barged in here. I was happy going back to writing on Lon's and Kevin's story or even Jace and Bradley, but you decided you were going to barge to the front of the line.

Cory: That's because I'm fabulous and need to get laid. You know blue balls is not healthy. They've been studies that show blue balls can cause migraines and...and...death.

Remmy: Name one study that says blue balls can cause death!

Cory: Well not death per say, but penile death! That's it.

Remmy: Penile death?

Cory: That's my story and am sticking to it. Anyways, not only am I poor in this one, but somehow I work at a dive gay bar and quite happy with it. The only upside is I get me this sexy, mocha, wealthy man who has an eye for art and the body to match--good lawd!

Remmy: Would you stop drooling inside my head? Jeesh, you're like a dog with a bone.

Cory: I have a bone alright!


Cory *blinks innocently* What?

Remmy *points to Michael* He's right there!!

Cory: So what? I'm just saying. You can't put  nice eye candy like that around me and NOT expect a boner. I mean, who are you kidding?"

Remmy *heads desk*: Why...why...why....

Cory: Dude! Now I know how Havan Fellows feel! This is awesome!!

Remmy: Oi.

Cory: POINT!! *flails*

Remmy: You can't give me a point! This is not facebook! And did you just flail?

Cory *whistles innocently*

Remmy: Ugh I hate it when my muses get carried away.

Cory: So....are we getting any writing done today or what?

Remmy: Oh, we're getting writing done today alright.

Cory: On MY story...penile death...remember?

Remmy: Oh gimme a break. Your penis is fine. I inspected it while I was plotting out your character so there's no deformity with your junk. If you don't believe me you can check.

Cory *looking down pants*: Hrm.

Remmy *glares*: Not now! Oh why do I bother! Tell them about the prize.

Cory *looks up from his junk*: Oh yes right. So I was talking to Leo and Anderson from LOVE LIES BLEEDING, and they say they want to go on one of you lovely readers Kindle. So if you comment on this post or follow Remmy's blog today, you get a chance to wind yourselve a free copy! How cool is that? Think Murder, Love, hot sex and all that's in between! Here's the cover...wait...where's the cover??

Remmy: Stop yelling, it's right there, behind you!

Cory *turns to look at it. He picks it up* Here's the cover.

Cory: Pretty right? It's about a NYPD officer tring to catch a serial killer so it should be fun!!

Remmy: Now say good night, Cory.

Cory: My story?

Remmy: I'll do one chapter today then I have to find a home for SHIVER. Now say good night Cory.

Cory *pouts*: Good night Cory!

Remmy *heads desk* Please continue on the hop and check out this fabulous authors:


  1. It's so cute! :D Thank you so much for the post, Remmy. :D

  2. Hey Remmy. I loved reading this - talk about mischief. Thank you.

    1. Its funny because that's how he sounded in my head lol

  3. It's so cute! :D Thank you so much for the post

  4. Loved the chance to meet Cory can't wait to read his story. You should let him know though that ball can go blue from being used too much to wouldn't want anything to happen to his junk ya know.

  5. Loved getting to meet Cory, and I must say, LOVE the photos. Thanks for sharing!



Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
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