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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Revamping, writing and stuff

So lately, I've been feeling a little out of it. I just haven't been feeling like writing anymore and it is a sad day when I sit before my computer and just want to toss it out the window. Most of you know me and you know that I've been in a horrible mood lately and while I can't tell you why, I have this to say. Cage Fighter's Salvation is back in my editing pile. I am going through it with a fine, tooth comb, digging out spelling errors, grammatical errors etc but no I am NOT taking out the sweetness, jokes etc. I am adding stuff to make it concise, and sound. It's going to take me a little while to have that out to publishing houses but as soon as that happens I'll post that here. Redemption will be coming to Loose Id at some point. Not sure yet though. The release date has been changed and as soon as I know it, so will you.

With that said, I am revamping everything. The looks of my website, blog etc will probably change but nothing too drastic. My website will remain where it is right now and so will my blog. If you check my site under WIP you will notice two new titles. I am currently in the process of finishing Private Dancer. It should be finished in the next couple of weeks. It is a short, not IR, and I am not sure if I'll self publish it like Keep It In The Closet or shop it around. Once it's complete and I go through it for edits, flow etc we shall see.

Also you'll see a blurb for a title tentatively titled, Fire Apocalypse. It will be my first attempt at paranormal stuff. I didn't want to use a vampire or a werewolf or a fallen angel because let's face it--all those have been done. I went the way of the Elements. It will be Interracial-don't think I want to do another none interracial again lol.

Let's see, what else? Thanks for sticking with me through this time of change. I am throwing ideas around seeing which one stick. Thanks to those of you on facebook who have been so wonderful in sending me PMs seeing if I was alright and for writing on my wall checking up on me. I'm fine now, and I am hoping to have great titles for you for 2010.

Remmy D

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Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
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