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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Duppy! er I mean...GHOST!

Hello World er rather, Remmy Duchene's World!

I am Elektra Lawless and I am here to speak with you about my first title Duppy Seduction. The wonderful, fun people at Secret Craving Publishing has taken this title to be released sometime this year (2012). First let me give you the blurb:

Cover by Dawne Dominique
Peter Jacobson has lost his lover to the war on terror. Scared and wanting a new start, he picks up and moves to the small island of Jamaica.  The moment he lands, he knows he needs a house to call his home and he choose a large mansion, overlooking the city of Ochio Rios. The problem? The locals all warn him the house was haunted.  Not deterred by some school boy stories--Peter settles in but soon finds out there is something within those walls with him and that something does magically delicious things to his body

Edward was trapped in the home--giving up on ever having his life back. After almost two hundred years of wandering, he begins to realise he just wants his house to himself.  When Peter moves in, Edward knows there's something special about him. The more he watches this new stranger invading his space, the more he knew no matter what he does, he cannot keep his hands off. But how does he show himself without scaring Peter? How does he expose himself to this beautiful stranger, without sending Peter running for the hills?  But the most important questions is...Is Peter the man to save his soul?

Yes, its a little paranormal--well alot paranormal! It takes place in Jamaica, with a lot of heat in more ways than one.  It doesn't cover anything political or anything like that because the truth is we face that kind of crap in our every day life. This story is pure escapism and fun and sexy.

And check out that SMEXY cover? Can you believe my cover Artist didn't have to ask any questions about what I wanted? She read the cover art form and went to work and VOILA! A beautiful cover with precisely what I want! Don't you love it when they can read your mind?

Now, I love men...Black, white, Indian, Cuba, Mexica, Purple Men, Red Men, Green Men....you get the picture. So if the man is sexy he's going into the story. So far all my stuff has been shorts and I am currently working on a longer piece which I haven't quite gotten right yet. 

But the men in this tale one is Arabic and the other is Black.  It is titled Take it Like a Man. Malik Al-Nabbi is a businessman who has a thing for everything rough. He hates the shy men you find these days. The thing is, lately he's been craving something different--something new and when he meets Christoff Bedeaux, the mechanic is as different as different gets but can Malik let go enough to let Christoff in?

Why such a difference in races? Well I have a very good friend from Qatar who insists on it lol. He loves some Chocolate men and would like a book that shows that. But I agreed with him whole heartedly because come on! I know you can see the sexy in this. A sexy-always in control-business man with more money than a King who wants to dominate a dominant man in bed? And think of the jokes! Tell me you could walk away from that!

Now my next title I've been working on is another short titled FREAK. Frank and Toshi have been best friends for what feels like forever. Even so, Toshi has these feelings, these urges for Frank that both burns his body and embarrasses him. But he knows he isn't Frank's type. Frank like his men like he loves his coffee, tall, dark and strong. During a heated argument Toshi confesses, now what is he going to do?

Frank has decided to lay off men. Why? He's a respected professor and indulging his sexual appetite is bad for business.  When Toshi confesses and he begins seeing Toshi as more than a friend--all the trying in the world cannot calm the wild, primal desires  raging through his veins.

I have about two chapters written on the computer and a whole bunch by hand that I still have to type out. But it is so hot right now it makes me blush and I'm writing it lol.

My second story title SUBMIT has just been contracted as a part of the WEEKEND GETAWAY series at Secret Craving Publishing.  I am hoping I will get a chance to entertain you, if only for a moment.

You can find me on Facebook under Elektra Lawless. My blog/website

Elektra Lawless 

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Now at Dreamspinner Press

Now at Dreamspinner Press
"This story is about two grown ass gay men that each have a little doubt for one reason or another if their relationship will work. The story is conveyed well and kept completely on the adult playing field, I loved it! When these two get going in the bedroom it is passionate and sensual."--TSM