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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

School Yard Bullies

From jump, I've been a very private person but I've always maintained an open door policy. It has been no secret that I am a woman, because I've posted so on several blogs over the past years. I merged my Tigra personality with my Remmy personalities to use one email years ago opening The Peeping Hole and Co-Modding The Romance Erotica Connection. If you chose not to read who the MOD emails were from and the promotions for Remmy Duchene and Tigra it's on you.

I have tried to be a mature person with this whole train people see to be on to try and tear writers down because of their sexuality and I am so not getting on or getting run over by it so it's time to call some names. Because since you guys obviously don't know me well I'm going to say this. I am no pushover. I didn't tolerate school yard bullies when I was in high school and I'm sure as HELL isn't going to tolerate that bullshit now.

Brad Venz and Mary Gresham, the both of you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are pathetic and you really need to get a life rather than sitting around and bashing people. Other people have sent me emails, or facebook PM and asked me STRAIGHT UP if I was a woman and I answered them truthfully but you chose to act like stupid teenagers again and try and "out me" really? Are you thirteen?

I am going to say this one thing and then I won't speak on this topic again. 

I am a woman who is a STRONG supporter of the GLBT community. I have been supporting the community ever since I was fifteen. I voted for the PM who assisted in making GLBT marriage legal in my country. I supported getting rid of the DADT policy and I walk with pride during the PRIDE parade.  I have BEST friends who are gay who have asked me to write stories they can read and enjoy after years of beta reading my Tigra stuff.   I cater and answer to them FIRST and to those selected few I have grown to care about over the recent years. As long as these people continue to read my stuff and enjoy it, I will continue to write as Remmy. If you don't like it, then you know where the block and delete button is. 

Now, have yourselves a great and productive day

Remmy Duchene


  1. Remmy, while I am friends with Brad, I think you know I have NEVER said anything about you anywhere on any site. I honestly didn't know you were female until he told me and it doesn't make a damn bit of difference to me who you are because I love reading your books.
    I have shared quite a bit about myself with you in the past and I think you know by now how much I enjoy your stories, your wit and everything else, hell, I even invited you down here for Mardi Gras.
    Now, back to Brad, while he is a very close friend, I do not have any control over what he says, the same goes for me.
    You have been my friend for a very long time and I have supported you with all that you have gone through, as you have me, especially a few months ago when you were the only one who reponded when I had a panic attack over a book I read.
    I would like to continue our friendship, if that's at all possible now. Please don't turn your back on me, regardless of whether you do or not, I will continue to read your books because I love them.
    Oh yeah, about friends in the gay community, I have many and I am the one they turn to.when they are having problems and I love them all. Please reconsider our friendship on fb.

    1. Mary, in response to your post, yes, I was your friend, at least from my end I was your friend. I responded in your time of need because I try to always be there for friends whenever they need me to be--whether it be a shoulder or an ear or a quick kick in the pants. The truth is, you went behind my back and did something that I really think is snake-ish. And trust me, I know what you and your friend has been up to. I have friends who are a part of your groups who tell me these things, so please do not lie to me and tell me you didn't say anything. Secondly, I never hid my sex from anyone. If people bothered to read things before they run their 'mouths' we could have avoided all of this. It all boils down to the fact that I cannot trust you and without that, we have nothing. As for us still being friends, we will see

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  3. Remmy, honey. I see more and more of these posts and they all seem to have the same name attached to them. As Mary says, it doesn't matter what sex you are, if people want to know, they have a mouth to ask you with. I believe that Mr Venz is the one with the problem and not you. Your sex has nothing to do with your writing and quite frankly, the day someone's sex has something to do with their ability to create wonderful stories that we lose ourselves in... well you get what I mean.

    As for Mr Venz, I don't think his "campaign" to be as manipulative and, as you point out in your post, a schoolyard bully, is nothing but jealousy of your success and his overall desire to be published... which he's not.

    So ignore him, remember you are writing for yourself, and your readers, not Brad Venz. Maybe it's time someone "outed" him for the vicious, manipulative, moronic idiot he is. And I hope his interference hasn't cost you any friendships.


  4. In fact... maybe all these "outings" is Mr Venz's way of steering speculation away from him. I mean... does anyone know for sure he's a man?

  5. Thanks Anonymous. I agree with you whole-heartedly. He did reply to my post and I deleted it because quite frankly I don't deal with morons. If he has something to say he can talk to the hand. As for losing friendships because of this, if they were my friend they are still here and if they bail then lord knows I really don't need THOSE kinds of friends.

    Thanks again!

  6. Remmy, I had a whole bunch of stuff written and turned my.l back to look for something and my finger hit the delete button, so I'm having to start over.
    I honestly don't know what was said or when. If I made a comment on any group, I apologize to you. I'm only a member of a few of the private groups on fb and I very seldom say anything, mostly its just to look at photos and share them on a friends blog.
    I do know I have said something about one author, whose books I no longer read, not because she is a female pretending to be a man, but because some of the other things that were done by her and I never felt about her books the way I do yours. I even pre ordered Lairds Choice, haven't downloaded it yet because I haven't been on the computer. I'm very much looking forward to reading it.
    Now, again, I don't care if you're female or not. Brad sent me the blog link when he found out, but I didt read it because I didn't care. Did it hurt some, yes, but it didn't stop me from reading your books nor did it keep me from talking to you. But, to be honest, I had no reason to believe you weren't a man, so I had no reason to check, I still don't. But as for your m/f and f/f books, no, I wont read them, at least not right now as I'm not in any wah interested in either genre anymore.
    Oh yeah, just for the record, Brad is a male, ive spoken to him several times on the phone (delightful Australian accent) and
    we did have plans to share a room at GRL, but he can't go do to problems that he has mentioned on fb, but not my place to share.
    Remmy, you have my email address and my phone number is on fb for all to see. If you would like to talk privately to me, I'm here. I truly would like to clear all this up, regardless of you bring female or male, you're still my Remmy and always will be and who will I talk to about thr Saints if not you, none of the others like them. Take care dear and I really would be interested in speaking to you on the phone, if you cant access my fb page, the number is 3183061151.
    Hope to talk to you soon, one way or another.

  7. He may be a man with a delightful Australian accent, just a shame he doesn't have a conscience, or a spine.

  8. hehe sweetheart!! I love you no matter who you are. You know that! I've known you were a woman for a looooooooooooooooong time, and still..I love you so much!
    I know you're strong but I just wanted to give you a BIG HUG.
    Love you

  9. I'd just like to tell you that I could care less if your a man or a woman as long as you keep writing those wonderful books. I don't understand why it matters in the first place. I'm behind you all the way.


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Now at Dreamspinner Press
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